• sometai ni gatsu no hoho
  • sekai kara neko ga kieta nara
  • hoshi to kuzu
  • uno-kun no koi wa sora
  • itoshi no wankoro
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  • sweater thief Taehyung has a dumb roommate, who likes to walk around shirtless even though it's freezing cold. Said roommate is also very attractive and said roommate may just be the one stealing his sweaters. | fluff
  • macchiato mondays Jimin smiles at him, the one that makes him think that there’s really a devil behind that baby face, and Taehyung thinks he may really need an inhaler | fluff


v , jimin + jungkook

  • hit and run Jimin and Jungkook have been the top hitmen duo in Seoul since the day they picked up their first revolvers and shot a man without a second look back. But when they...
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    • bend and brand me Baekhyun has spent all his life gaining things for other people. Kyungsoo is somebody he wants to keep for himself. ♡♡
    • boy, we're running free {facing light in... Byun Baekhyun, identification number zero six zero five one two zero seven eight three, fifty-one percent yellow, twenty-eight percent magenta, thirteen percent indigo, eight percent turquoise. That's everything he is — a number in a file, a series of colors defining him, defining his career path, his schedule, his friends, defining his fate.
    • Countdown Baekhyun took Kyungsoo’s hand, as he did many times before
    • el dorado El Dorado is a place for second chances | NC-17 ♡♡
    • i'm okay {baby are you okay?} Why won’t you let people take care of you?” he asks quietly."I don't need this special treatment," Baekhyun mumbles, his eyes closed. [not angst]
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angst :

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sehun/luhan + kai/baek + sebaek

  • tangled but never broken Luhan is determined to find the person on the other end of his red string and Sehun is not a believer in fate.

정성준 luhan/suho




  • a little piece of heaven Sehun does door-to-door sales and Baekhyun writes. It somehow works out from there... | ughhhh ♡
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  • haec olim | The sky Sehun is painting is almost blue.


  • baekhyun fest
  • anything you synthesize Not all those who wander are lost. Some only know too well that their place is inside a three-by-eight, sleeping, sleeping, sleeping liquid crystal. | need to read

kyungsoo +ot3


kai/lee jaewoo

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    • between light and dark | Jongin thinks that this could be love.
    • blood in my legs for flight kai just wants to be a real boy. super self-indulgent magical realist pinocchio/pygmalion | ♡
    • broken shards of what used to be "take care of your heart," they say, and even as baekhyun's heart is breaking, he still waits for jongin to come back to him. | ♡♡
    • don't wanna dream you | ♡♡
    • en pointe | Ballet breaks people, even the strongest of hearts ♡♡♡♡
    • esoteric | short
    • fiat lux | mam au
    • grazed knees | slight fluff
    • maybe in the next universe | "Baekhyun expected a lot of things when he was dead-set on building a machine to traverse multiple universes. What he never anticipated was Kim Jongin, his harshest critic, to be there with him every step ... kind of angst,bashful romance
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pg 13 - nc17

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angst :

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But what you're looking for isn't here, you have to dig deep into your soul that is wondering,pondering like a lost innocent child. The past is a yesterday's nightmare but today is a nostalgic beginning" Falling into the waves of laughter and the arms of emphemeral passion, knowing that the embrace of a natured night was fleeting but in love. Hoping that maybe, just maybe, we could have... "coffee in the morning." email 'manick at baka-updates.com' if username hasnt arrive

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angst :

    • 你曾经爱过我,我目前还爱着你。... sometimes luhan wishes it was him who had flown through the windscreen.that way he wouldn't have to experience losing sehun's love.
    • 190 mph a hundred lifetimes, three important words, two lovers, one tragic end ♡♡
    • a composer's first song Sehun's suffering from the grief of his father's death and Lu Han tries to help, but sometimes, he just wants to give up and cry himself to sleep. ♡♡♡♡
    • again&again Sehun helps Luhan remember, again and again.
    • angel sehun has always said he looks like an angel. luhan doesn't think much of it until he finds himself being dragged away to an undisclosed loaction one day, hands holding him down while his back begins to sting | horror
    • anything you synthesize Not all those who wander are lost. Some o... | need to read
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angst: go through the 5th page of aff

    • 4.39am | The only similarity between a subconscious reality and a concrete dream is that nothing is what it seems. (Jongin manages to mix them up anyway.) ♡♡♡subconcious shit
    • 6 months and 6 days at the age of 19, kim jongin discovers that he has a matter of just 6 months letf to live. his painful past leaves him determined to experience before he leaves his life behind ♡♡♡♡♡
    • auto
    • à contre-jour In which Kyungsoo is a commercial art collector and Jongin does not come home.
    • abstract affection | sight angst
    • addicted to you i just wanted it to stop, was that so bad? i just wanted it to stop.
    • afterlife
    • albedo kyungsoo is sick with a hydrophobic disease. in order to save him, jongin has to give his body up for science
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ending: kyungsoo wakes up, breaks out in heavy sweat. He's suffering with visual hallucinations, they said. He faces a great ordeal of guilt, scratching and itching ,its way through his heart. He can't forget...... He knows he has conscious awareness of baekhyun's figure in front of him, his smile that he could never forget. Baekhyun was all a dream... a past a dream

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PG13 - NC17

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