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one day, i wrote a long, long letter to the moon. it would not be brighter than you; but i lit a small candle. at a dusky park, a nameless bird that sings... where are you? oh you... why are you crying? you and i are the only ones here -- me and you. following into the deep night the sound of you singing brings the red morning. a step and another step.

the dawn passes and when that moon falls asleep; the blue shade that stayed with me disappears.

even today, i live moderately. i walk in pace, moderately wearing down. the sun suffocates me, and the world strips me naked. i can't help it, there's no other way. i collect myself that's shattered beneath the moonlight. i call you moonchild; we are children of the moon. i breathe the cold night air. yes we're livin and dyin -- at the same time. but you can open your eyes for now. just like that any movie, like the line. the entire...

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❝we bloom until we ache.❞

— kuni/kyu so.

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