I hate eating plain, raw tomatoes.

  • Ketchup: the best was at Azul, a cafe in Austin that's closed now
  • Roasted whole: at Pasha in San Antonio
  • Grilled: at home, and on BLTs everywhere
  • Tomato soup: at home
  • Salsa/picante/pico de gallo/etc.: homemade is always best, but Fuzzy's Tacos in Lubbock has great salsa.
  • As an ingredient in soups: mmm, Italian
  • As art: they're just so bright and pretty!
  • At the market: they're just so bright and pretty!
  • In spaghetti sauce: thanks but no thanks, Olive Garden.
  • In/on pizzas: fresh tomatoes are a delicious topping!
  • Sundried: in all sorts of things!
  • In guacamole: but not too chunky
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