• like a waterfall in slow motion, like a map with no ocean // Feist - Limit To Your Love
  • such breathtaking views of Scythian Empires // Andrew Bird
  • I found myself attached to this railroad track, but I'll come back to you some day // First Aid Kit / Ghost Town
  • we made a vow to the holy cow // Kaiser Chiefs / Always Happens Like That
  • This is not the sound of a new man or crispy realization // Bon Iver
  • Love, it will not betray you, dismay or enslave you, it will set you free, to be more like the man you were made to be // Mumford & Sons / Sigh No More
  • with grace in your heart and flowers in your hair // M&S / After the Storm
  • I'm walking backwards to the place where I come from, but that ain't enough, no; you want me to run // M. Ward / Carolina
  • crispy, crispy Benjamin Franklin came over, babysat all four of my kids // Regina Spektor / Chemo Limo
  • somewhere I know there's nothing, nothing, but unsailed seas // Chad Vangaalen
  • a kiss on your molten eyes // The Shins / Those To Come
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