character ideas

- natural rebel advocate that feeds off of drama and if not eating popcorn by the sidelines, creating drama to chase away his boredom, hurts people unintentionally, constant fuck ups that don't take a toll on him until a certain someone wipes the smile off his face, doesn't do relationships and yet that's all he thinks about with said someone

- a thug of sorts with no understanding of basic manners or social skills, his heart tells him no but his fists beat him to it, isn't friendly but has beat more people FOR others rather than for himself, he's the anti-hero guardian angel that no one asked for, torn between being the hero and living in the shadows convinced he'll always will be

- gothic hoe that lives for dark concepts but cries and shakes in fear at the littlest noises and always needs a nightlight, most likely a scorpio/sag, enfp, digital art, (fc: lizzy in angry mom)

- (GLACIAL PEAKS) grouchy athlete dealing with his injury, disorientated and anxious to not be training but is deep down relieved, could have only pursued the sport bc it was his deceased(?) sick (?) brother's dream OR he was thrown into it at a young age in the midst of a family feud and could never seem to let himself quit no matter how much he hated it bc it's the only thing that kept them together?

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