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My boring life in lists

  • Teachers who force participation
  • Camouflage, cowboy boots, ford belt buckles, and the whole view on "style" that Livingston county has created in their mind.
  • Sold out tickets and sold out anything
  • Waiting around for someone for the entire day, impatiently looking out the window to see if they have arrived when you obviously know you are going to end up waiting much longer.
    • Being late
  • Bullies, anyone rude or belittling to someone because they feel they withhold more power over them.
  • Terrible music. Rap music. Over stimulated country music. R&B is the worst.
  • Chunky highlights or curly gelled hair..sick
  • The Highschool environment and expectations
  • Someone telling me how I personally feel about anything.
  • Sticky weather
  • Bad face days
  • Commitments
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