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My boring life in lists

  • My fear of social interactions.
    • I must be willing to go and get a job
    • Ask places for applications
    • Fill them out
    • Actually turn them in and not let them collect dust on my dresser
    • Strike up casual conversation online or in person
  • Spend much less time on the computer
  • Be healthy.
    • Moderate portions
    • Not as much soda
    • Perhaps exercise every once in a while
    • Take Vitamins.
    • Wash my face twice a day.
    • Brush my teeth as much as possible.
  • Spend more time contemplating life and focusing and refocusing on old things I never entirely finished.
  • Rebuild my relationship with my family.
    • Do not verbally assault my mother every chance I get
    • Talk more to my aunt instead of hiding away behind my headphones constantly
    • Go over to my grandmother's more often
  • Spend time during the summer doing more activities.
    • None of this bumming around every single day shit.
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