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My boring life in lists

  • Acceptance of my sense of humour
  • Intelligence
  • A tad bit of insanity
  • Open-minded
  • Witty and clever
  • Broad Vocabulary
  • Entirely classy with an ounce of grunge added to the mix
  • Smokers
  • Well dressed
  • Dark Hair and pretty eyes
  • Assertive personality
  • Social, so they can help me out in that field
  • Pushes me to become a better person
  • Lover of antiques or anything nostalgic
  • Passionate about something they do
  • Passionate about music, it must mean a whole lot to them. Mutual music taste is essential.
  • Mysterious and keep me guessing, yet offer me some sort of assurance when it is needed.
  • Smirks
  • Has the ability to be really lovey dovey and romantic
  • Willing to do nice things for me and make me feel special
  • A good listener
  • Shows me heaps of new things
  • Hands out compliments freely and doesn't mind my need to constantly reassure them how lovely I think they are
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