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My boring life in lists

  • Has an extremely good taste in music. He likes almost everything I listen to, and is open to anything I show him. He also likes a variety music I haven't heard of, and introduces me to great new artists.
  • His style is impeccable. He wears sweaters, loves H&M, and wears straight-legged levi's.
  • He is so mysterious in the most obvious of ways.
  • The way we first started talking involves him asking me if I met Conor Oberst at the Bright Eyes concert I went to. Just another reason to add to my over flowing list of why I love Bright Eyes.
  • I love the way he thinks, and I want to just be in his head so I could understand him more.
  • He's intelligent, and has a grip on the world. He knows a lot more than people around where I am do.
  • He's open minded.
  • He shares a mutual disgust for people.
  • His list of favorite movies is just remarkable. He has astounding taste.
  • I could do so many interesting adventurous things with him. Like travel somewhere new, simply going shopping, getting some coffee, going to shows, holding hands and going on walks. All that fancy stuff.
  • He plays drums, and is passionate about what he does.
  • He isn't one of those guys that goes and says "I love you." within the first few weeks of dating.
  • He hasn't once implied of anything intimate. He is a gentleman.
  • He has such an interesting way of talking. I love his stupid little abbreviations and his stupid little slang words he uses.
  • He texts me in the morning when he wakes up.
  • He talks to me on skype until the wee hours of the night. And we can just sit there staring at each other creepily listening to iron & wine and the postal service until one of us falls asleep.
  • He accepts my weirdness. (So far what he has seen..)
  • He always compliments me.
  • He is sincere, and honest. Even if he can come off as an asshole I appreciate his honesty.
  • He is emotionally unstable, and I can relate so we can be unstable together.
  • He never sleeps. I don't know why I like it, but I do.
  • His middle name (Stewart) Is beyond adorable.
  • He has the most beautiful smile I have ever witnessed in all my years living.
  • His eyes are just insanely gorgeous.
  • He has nice collar bones and a terrific figure.
  • His voice is just so smooth and soothing to listen to.
  • I can joke around with him.
  • He has A.d.d. and forgets everything, and gets so easily distracted. Soo cute.
  • I have to actually work to get closer to him, and it's a new interesting thing to go through.
  • He notices little things I do and things about me.
  • He isn't afraid to call men attractive.
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