• youre a terf, truscum, trump supporter, anti-sjw, nazi ("ironic" or not), or any other flavor of nasty conservativism
  • youre a pedophile or MAP or whatever the fuck
  • you ship incest, minors with adults, or any other sort of toxic dynamic
  • you treat content creators like fictional characters
  • you think bi women have more in common with straight women than lesbians / have privilege over lesbians
  • you hate aro/ace people
  • you think my interests make me a bad/cringey person
  • you are closely involved in #changethechannel (criticizing CA is obviously fine but a lot of people in that movement have outright harassed me and my friends and im no longer comfortable with it)
  • you harass former CA producers (again, criticism is fine, trolling and victim blaming isn't!)
  • you use kiwifarms regularly
  • you support shadman
  • youre gonna be rude about my fictionkin stuff

ask to follow if:

  • you will quickly block your mutuals without warning
  • you follow charredmermaid/monsterslutmerm/goremaidinhell on twitter / cauldronofmourning on tumblr / slimeseadragon on instagram (they're all the same person lol)
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