otp to end all otps

  • hyper fangirl x devil boner (nostalgia critic)

other ships

  • candace x jeremy (phineas and ferb)
  • amethyst x peridot (steven universe)
  • alejandro x heather (total drama)
  • dave strider x jade harley (homestuck)
  • joy x sadness (inside out)
  • noah x owen (total drama)
  • candace x vanessa (phineas and ferb)
  • gwen x zoey (total drama)
  • meenah x aranea (homestuck)
  • dr block x dr tease (nostalgia chick)
  • deedee x mandark (dexter's lab)
  • imelda x héctor (coco)
  • kenny mccormick x butters stotch (south park)
  • william barfeé x olive ostrovsky (25th annual putnam county spelling bee)
  • price x cunningham x nabalungi (book of mormon)
nov 28 2017 ∞
nov 26 2018 +