Lately, I've been finding myself disagreeing with almost everything everyone in school thinks is right just like:

  • Going to school 30 minutes before the class gets suspended just because the teacher might get mad.
  • Staging a question and answer portion during group reporting just so the teacher thinks we're active
  • Giving a cup of Starbucks to the teacher, the class thinks we offended

Reasons why I disagree:

  • I will not go to school for a class that will only last for 30 minutes, when my travel time takes about an hour (and there's rain and flood and traffic bleh)
  • The only person I'm scared of is my mom, and my professor is definitely not my mom.
  • I think it's stupid to even go to school, just cause the prof will get mad if I don't. SERIOUSLY, I have the right to be absent right?
  • I cringe at the thought of having to stage enthusiasm for the benefit of other people.
  • I feel like staging the question and answer portion part is insulting the actual group and the participants just because it makes them seem like they don't have enough brains to actually think of something impromptu.
  • I hate to give the impression that I'm buying my prof's opinion by buying him a cup of coffee, and besides he's a doctor he can probably buy his own.

I go to school because

  • I want to pursue medicine
  • I actually like learning
  • I enjoy the readings (sometimes)
  • I kind of like the challenge of having to ace a test
  • I actually feel good when I ace a test
  • I like working hard for everything that I achieve
  • Being busy keeps me from thinking useless thoughts
  • There are some people in school who make my day
  • I get money for it.

I'm not in school to:

  • please my blockmates
  • please my professors

In conclusion, I'm in school:


SO NO, I'm not going to give in...

Am I being a difficult person? Maybe I am...

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