When I was in 3rd grade I remember feeling awkward around this girl who was my classmate because of the following reasons.

  • she wore uneven pigtails
  • her nostrils were huge
  • because her nostrils were huge, I could always see her snot.
  • she always sat near me
  • she always talked to me with her nasally voice
  • she smiled a lot; but there was always food stuck in her braces (When I had braces, the image of her in my head always reminded me to keep my teeth clean)
  • she always seemed eager

But I guess magic happens randomly at random people, because when I was browsing through facebook and I accidentally saw her page and guess what:

  • she has no more braces
  • she's super thin
  • she looks super popular.

HAHA good for her, good for her, but I think I'll always have the snotty kid mental image of her. -_-

If you're asking whatever happened to me, then I guess I grew up as the forever awkward kid... I blame her. kidding. of course I don't. or maybe.. whatever

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