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vagabond notes (KCL application )
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mamoribaek Ticketing in Japan
EXO-L Japan (FAQ)
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Chaeyeon - ηαє ρι ттαм ηυηмυℓ

  • She/her , he/him, they/them ; 004411441100
  • Infp-T ❖ True neutral ❖ Hufflepuff
  • Libra ☉ ❖ Scorpio ☽ ❖ Pisces ↑
  • Single
  • Tends to be moody asf
  • Before you jump into everything else in my listography, please know that I tend to base certain types of lists off of other people's lists. I do not intend to copy these lists, I just gain heavy inspiration from others. Nothing wrong with that.


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