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sep 10 2018 ∞
sep 17 2018 +
  • Satisfying finales to tv shows I love
  • Becoming friends with someone I thought wouldn't like me
  • Reading other people's lists, and relating to them
  • Taking a deep breath, and feeling it fill my lungs
  • Hearing the crickets, and frogs in the middle of a spring/summer night
  • Water hose "fights" on warm summer days
  • When people don't forget my birthday, but don't need to be reminded
  • Anticipating things coming to me in the mail
  • Being understood without having to explain myself
  • Not having to say much, but being understood anyway
  • When someone says something nice to, and/or about me
  • Finally getting something I've been wanti...
jun 19 2018 ∞
aug 8 2018 +
  • Early Gen Z culture is being told “you wouldn’t know *blank*” because it is only “something 90s babies would know”, only to prove them wrong a minute later.
  • We are a generation of sleepy lovers, of big-hearted rebels, of tired fighters. We are a generation worn out, but unwilling to back down.
  • Being a teenager today is working through everything all the time. Parents judge us sometimes like we aren’t capable of rational thought. They say: “Oh wow that was a good letter you wrote. Very professional.” You tell them that basically everyone you know could do what you just did. Kids today are not like those of the past. We could be taken for adults if one was to disregard physical appearance. It’s different today more than ever. We are different.
jul 25 2018 ∞
jul 31 2018 +
  • I'm literally concerned about another world war. We've already had two, we don't need another, and Trump doesn't seem to be letting up on his antics any time soon.. ;-;
  • I'm afraid that my generation is going to struggle to live even a half decent life
  • Society is already going to hell, and it doesn't seem to be letting up any time soon either
  • Pedophiles. Just..... pedophiles. 'Nuff said.
  • Global warming like lowkey concerns me


jul 23 2018 ∞
jul 24 2018 +
  • I can be super shy and quiet
  • I'm very awkward and don't know how to respond to certain things
  • I tend to be very emotionally sensitive
  • I'm quick to throw shade at someone (No, not my oc)
  • Some say I'm bipolar or some shit bc I tend to try to be that one cool, bad girl and then the next moment I'm a small sensitive and kind fluff ;w;
  • Aa..
jul 23 2018 ∞
jul 24 2018 +


  • Akane: Japanese deep red, dye from the Rubia plant
  • Akemi: Japanese bright, beautiful
  • Akiko: Japanese autumn child
  • Akira: Japanese bright clear
  • Aneko: Japanese big sister/bright meadow
  • Chihiro: Japanese thousand + seek
  • Chouko: Japanese butterfly child
  • Dana: Muslim intelligent
  • Ellora: Indian clouds
  • Emiko: Japanese smiling child
  • Hanako: Japanese butterfly child
  • Hiroko: Japanese generous child
  • Hoshi: Japanese star
  • Hoshiko: Japanese star child
  • Izumi: Japanese fountain, spring
  • Jane: English god's gracious gift
  • Kaori: Japanese fragrance
  • Kasumi: Japanese mist
  • Kiku: Japanese chrysanthemum
  • Kimiko: Japanese beautiful child
jun 28 2018 ∞
sep 10 2018 +
list icon
  • Why not if you want to?
  • You will make some kids believe in magic
  • You will get a lot of smiles
  • People will think that you're awesome?
  • There are so many colors out there, why would you limit yourself so much?
jul 6 2018 ∞
sep 10 2018 +

Basically to help me remember words. I'm learning Korean so yeah hehe...

Please correct me if I got any of the words wrong

  • What? = 뭐? (Mwuh)
  • What did you say? = 뭐라구? (Mwuh rah goo)
  • Why? = 왜? (Wae) - Sounds like "Weh"
  • It's okay = 괜찮아 (Gwaenchana)
  • You can do it = 넌할수있어 (Neon hal su isseo)
jul 1 2018 ∞
jul 1 2018 +


jun 29 2018 ∞
sep 10 2018 +

Italics are words my friends used to describe me, and there WILL sometimes be doubles of words

  • A ▸ Aesthetic shit, anxious, affectionate , amazing , awkward , adorable
  • B ▸ Beautiful , bitch (Omg, thanks Ink HAHAHAHAHA), balance
  • C ▸ Caring, critical , considerate , caring , cute (Tuelu omg I'm literally-), capricious , chill , comforting , cooperation, communication, committed, compassionate, celestial, confident in a strange way
  • D ▸ Daydreamer, dainty , dapper , dandy , depressed, dreams, demisexual, demigirl
  • E ▸ Empathetic , expressive
  • F ▸ Fandom trash, friendly
  • G ▸ Gamer, genderflux
  • H ▸ Hypersensitive, hypochondriac, honest , helpful
  • I ▸ Insecure, imperfectly perfect , intense
  • J ▸
  • K ▸ Kind for the most part, kind of crazy, kind , kins a lot
  • L ▸ Loser, loving
  • M ▸ Music lover, m o i s t (SURO IM DYING LMFAOO)
  • N ▸ Night lover
  • O ▸ Omniromantic
jun 29 2018 ∞
jul 24 2018 +



  • Names: Gen Z, Generation Z, iGen, iGeneration, Post-millenials, Gen Tech, Centennials
  • Possible dates: 1998-2016 (I like to believe this one at most), early 2000-2011
  • Traits:
    • In many ways, it reflects and amplifies the millennial generation that came before it
    • Generation Z is the current youngest American generation
    • It's the most diverse and inclusive generation yet
    • Technology has shaped their daily lives, and their worldview. (True af coming from a Gen Z LMAOO)
    • We're a blend of smart people, and dumb. Assholes and kind. Loud and quiet. You ge...
jun 27 2018 ∞
jun 27 2018 +

Reminder 1

Reminder 2

Reminder 3

  • Your goodnight reminder is that you deserve kindness. That’s the only way anybody can really heal. And everybody deserves to heal. Be kind to yourself tonight. Okay?
jun 28 2018 ∞
sep 10 2018 +
  • General x
  • Spiritual and religious x
  • Interests x
  • Future x
jul 6 2018 ∞
sep 10 2018 +
  • Dumb Dumb | Red Velvet
  • Pied Piper | BTS
  • IDOL | BTS
  • DNA | BTS
  • Blood Sweat and Tears | BTS
  • No more dream | BTS
  • Trndsttr (Lucian remix) | Black Coast
  • As if it's your last | BLACKPINK
  • Blacklist | HyunA, LE
  • How's This | HyunA
  • Monster | EXO
  • Black or White | Yunosuke
  • Lip & Hip | HyunA
  • Run & Run | HyunA
  • bellyache | Billie Eilish
  • Go Go | BTS
  • Fire | BTS
  • MIC Drop | BTS
  • Gashina | SUNMI
  • Tell Me Father | MiatriSs
sep 17 2018 ∞
nov 2 2018 +
  • Kind
  • Fun to be around
  • Good singing voice
  • Quick-witted
  • Good taste in music
  • Respectful
  • Knows when they need help and when others need help
  • Supportive
  • Stands up for others
  • Actually knows what they're talking about
  • Carefree attitude
  • Cute laugh
  • Creative
  • Soft voice
  • Cute voice
  • Intelligent
  • Passion
  • Sense of humor
  • Lowkey protective
jul 24 2018 ∞
sep 10 2018 +

If you can’t relate to a placement, it can often be attributed to the role that the planet plays in your chart. Just because a planet is weak in your chart doesn’t mean you should relate to another sign more than, say, your Sun Sign; rather, you should be looking to see what the planet’s role is, and the sign that the planet falls in - which colors the way the planet manifests.

  • Sun: directs all other planets in your chart, as it is the unchanging, driving force of your natal chart. Essentially, it is the goal to manifest our own individuality.
  • Moon: your personality; our emotional responses, moods, and reactions to our external environment.
  • Mercury: our ability to make sense of the world around us, and how we collect, classify, and analyze this information.
  • Venus: our values; thus, what we seek in ...
jul 24 2018 ∞
jul 24 2018 +

Don't disrespect me, and I won't leave. Even for the short term.

  • Cheating on me if you're my partner ;'(
  • You're being an asshole and negative
  • You disapprove of me and my beliefs in any way shape or form
  • Disrespecc in general
  • You do some pretty messed up shit
  • You attack others for their religion
  • You're a nazi (Please don't burn the jews, they're good people :c)
jul 23 2018 ∞
jul 25 2018 +
  • Not being attractive to anyone ever
  • Being rejected by someone who I deeply loved
  • Losing friends
  • Nobody caring ever
  • The feeling that everyone but me has some love life
  • People talking crap about me when they thought I couldn't hear
  • Too many expectations
  • People avoiding me
  • People giving me half-assed, empty promises
  • Always being ignored
  • The feeling that when I leave everyone will start laughing at me
jul 28 2018 ∞
jul 28 2018 +

STARTED 7/23/18

  • July 22nd, 2018 - July 23rd, 2018
jul 23 2018 ∞
jul 23 2018 +
  • Online · I'm willing to talk depending on the person
  • Idle · I'm not really talkative right now but feel free to message me
  • Do not disturb · Usually I do this when I feel like my notifications are being spammed and it's annoying me and too much for my adhd
  • Invisible · Usually I'm upset or hiding from someone who won't leave me alone
  • Offline · Sleeping, eating food, out and about, general stuff that people would go offline for
jul 3 2018 ∞
jul 5 2018 +
    • Questions found in others Q/As
    • Questions that people asked me
    • If you ask anything creepy you may be treated with hostility/vulgar language. Your username IS going to be put in the question, making all who read this aware that it was you.
    • I reserve the right to refuse to answer questions should they make me uncomfortable
    • Anything insulting questions will also be treated with hostility
    • Your username will be included in the question, so please keep that in mind when asking things.
jul 4 2018 ∞
aug 3 2018 +


So you're probably wondering what this is gonna be about n shit like that

Basically, I got this idea from Moon's list. I was wandering around on listography and figured - Why not?

So this is just going to be like a big list of songs I like oof


jun 29 2018 ∞
sep 10 2018 +

The places I've been through throughout my life. I may not remember them all though hehe..

  • Somewhere in Canada (I was a baby I don't remember)
  • Somewhere in Oklahoma
  • Bloomington IL
  • Chicago IL
  • Bristol CT
  • Waterbury CT
  • Boston MA
  • Las Vegas NV
  • Anaheim CA
  • Boise ID
  • Kingman AZ
  • St. Louis MO
  • Portland OR
  • Salt Lake City UT
  • Yellowstone WY
  • Joliet IL
jun 29 2018 ∞
nov 29 2018 +

List started 6/18/18

  • June 15th, 2018 · Cooper
    • Yorkie
    • Puppy
    • Male
    • Loves tummy scratches
    • Loves being pet
    • Loves being held, would always snuggle into my chest
    • Absolute sweetheart
    • I got to hold and cuddle him one last time before leaving Kentucky the day after meeting him. It broke my heart to say goodbye </3
    • Yes I have a soft spot for small doggos leave me alone uwaaAAAA
  • June 15th, 2018 · Sadie
    • Yorkie
jun 18 2018 ∞
jun 28 2018 +
  • In Game of Thrones, Wildfire burns the same color as Boric Acid, which has the chemical formula of H3BO4. H3BO4=HBO
  • In all likelihood, somewhere out there in the universe, an alien is currently masturbating.
  • Who would have thought 15 years ago Michael Jackson was one of the few people NOT abusing kids in Hollywood.
  • Spies get paid two salaries
  • Come to think of it, they never tell you how to get to Sesame Street
  • If you plug an echo device into a smart plug and ask Alexa to turn off that smart plug. You have just asked Alexa to end its own life.
  • 50 years ago everyone felt bad for people if they weren’t married by 25, now everyone feels bad for people married by 25
  • It must really kill the authority of your statement if you ever have to legitimate...
jul 25 2018 ∞
aug 9 2018 +

"I laugh at those who think

they can damage me

they do not know who I am,

they do not know what I think,

they cannot even touch the things

which are really mine and with which I live."

"Astrology is real, witchcraft is real, magic is real, dreams whisper about the future sometimes, miracles happen, the moon loves you and watches over you every night, and soulmates exist. That's the tea."

"I'm mine before I am ever anyone else's."

"Have fun, even if it’s not the same kind of fun everyone else is having."

"Don't be afraid of being alone. Be afraid of having the wrong people as company."

"People don't listen. They just wait for their turn to talk. They don't care about how you feel...

jul 25 2018 ∞
jul 30 2018 +

Basically, a bunch of lyrics that I can relate to

  • Sorrow drips into your heart through a pinhole just like a faucet that leaks and there is comfort in the sound - Idk what song this is W H O O P S
  • Often I am upset that I cannot fall in love but I guess this avoids the stress of falling out of it. - Cut my hair Mounika, Cavetown
  • Are you tired of me yet? I'm a little sick right now, but I swear. When I'm ready, I will fly us out of here - Cut my hair Mounika, Cavetown
  • Taken way too soon, I'm not at all what used to be. Shifting in a box, the past is nothing more than just a dream. - The Puppet Song Tryhardninja
  • Tonight we roam. And if they listen really close, they can hear us sing our song. And I can't give you back the things you had, but you don't have to do this on you..._Tryhardninja_
jul 27 2018 ∞
sep 10 2018 +

To help cope with my mental disorders/physical problems

I made this on my own and with the help of Ari from Trevorchat (Just on the sheer chance that you see this - Thank you so much for helping me through that time, I really appreciate it <3)

If you find that these coping mechanisms can help you, please feel free to use them! <3


If anything goes particularly bad or a spur of the moment feeling comes on:

  • Drawing
  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Listen to music
  • Take a calming shower
  • Reach out to people for support and guidance

If I feel the urge to self harm:

jun 28 2018 ∞
jul 24 2018 +
  • BTS
  • Music
  • Art
  • Video games
  • My friends
  • Vines (R.I.P)
  • MMD
  • Sleep
  • Nature
  • Aesthetics
  • K-POP
  • J-POP
  • My family
  • My wand Emylia (Don't question me.)
  • Music in general
  • Soft blankets
  • Hoodies
  • Food
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Rain
jul 23 2018 ∞
nov 1 2018 +
  • Disrespectful
  • Playboy/fuckboy or playgirl/fuckgirl
  • Insensitive
  • Rude
  • Ego bigger than a dick
  • Overly show-off type of person
  • Way too clingy/talkative
  • Doesn't know what boundaries are
  • Helicopter type of person
  • Bible thumper
  • People who say they're 'atheist' and yet attack pagans for pentagrams and pentacles being 'satanic'
  • Uses others for personal gain
  • Extra as fuck
  • Mocks others
  • Makes up unnecessary and bullshit reasons for attacking people
  • Doesn't know what they're talking about and insists they know
jul 23 2018 ∞
jul 30 2018 +


  • Harley Quinn (Batman series) - She has been in an abusive relationship for years and she was strong enough to leave him
  • Jo (Little Women) - Didn't care about gender roles, she wants to live her own life and if she has to be feminine when she grows up, she don't want to grow up at all
  • Mrs. Banks (Mary Poppins) - Protested for women's votes, even with her husband being against them
jul 6 2018 ∞
jul 6 2018 +
  • Out of kin/Myself {Yes, always.}
  • Eren {Yes}
  • Mikasa {No}
  • Ryuko {No}
  • Touka {Yes}
  • Hinami {No}
  • Ciel {No}
  • Madame Red {No}
  • Eepop {No}
  • Popee {No}
  • Kedamono {No}
  • Monika {Yes}
  • Natsuki {No}
  • Sayori {Yes}
  • Tamara {No}
  • Temmie {No}
  • Undyne {No}
  • Chara {Yes}
  • Genderbent! Human! Sans {No}
  • Napstablook {Yes}
  • V/V4 Flower {No}
jun 30 2018 ∞
nov 29 2018 +
  • Sinus migraines Behind the ear in a divot, press down firmly and pull toward collarbone; press around eye socket on the cheekbones; press and hold hard on the supraorbital foramen; ear pulling; press firmly on temples while opening and closing jaw
  • Tension migraines Press down hard on c1 - c4 for 30 seconds
jun 29 2018 ∞
jun 29 2018 +