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☆ Etc. column is fandoms that don't have enough fics to warrant their own column.
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  • harry potter/draco malfoy
    • recursion: recursion can happen in a temporal context when, for instance, the powerful magical force that is true love drags you back in time so it can create itself.
    • the company of the rose: six years after the war, draco malfoy has been restoring magical estates, while sidestepping his mother’s plots to marry him off and resolutely avoiding his issues.
    • flashback, warm nights: "killing you?” potter asks. “i thought i was the one who’s about to get my torso sliced into?”
    • heartlines: harry never expected he’d end up chipping away at his virginity while wandless and bonded to walfoy in northern europe.
    • midnight in the city of a hundred spires: harry potter is a missing person. draco malfoy is a vampire.
    • within these walls: there might be something amiss with harry’s house.
    • the best medicine: draco loves potter's laugh. this somehow leads to sex, then discussions of the past, then more sex.
    • friday i'm in...: potter is infuriating and draco is suffering and it's NOT because he's at all into potter in any way, pansy, so don't even start.
    • something sweet: yet here harry is, having spent the last hour breaking DMLE rules and laws to find out where malfoy lives.
    • heavyweight: draco had moved out of his childhood home five days after his father got sent to azkaban.
    • amid this warm and steady sweetness: harry is not living in a period drama, no matter what his friends or his new house or malfoy’s sudden affinity for horse-riding might suggest.
    • celestial bodies: “space magic,” says draco, tapping long fingers irritably against the arm of his chair. “you’re saying we’ve been zapped by space magic.”
    • azoth: harry has no idea; he’s too busy trying not to be in love with malfoy to care.
    • the way your heart touches mine: what does it mean when a certain someone gives you numerous gifts on ordinary days?
    • you cannot save people, you can only love them: upon returning for eighth year, there are so many strange things going on with malfoy, harry doesn’t know where to start.
    • say the words, say them out loud: in which harry and draco learn to accept the things they want from themselves and from each other.
    • the 5 step guide to seducing harry potter
    • mixed drinks and crossed wires: draco is a handsy drunk. harry is okay with it, really. they’re friends, so it doesn’t mean anything..
    • scent & sensibility: draco's always known he'd be married off as a trophy omega, but suddenly his mother's trying to make him king by promising him to some stupidly good-looking alpha and she just won't stop smiling at him.
    • holding back the fire: harry’s always hated praise, so he doesn’t understand why the idea of it coming from draco makes him want it in ways he’s never wanted anything before.
    • etched, curled, stationed: the day draco malfoy turned 21 was the day that 12 grimmauld place had decided, with all the grand and pointed fanfare that a house could manage, that it was him that was its rightful owner. (non-nsfw)
    • down a hill at high speed: draco is reckless with a fern and harry is his babysitter.
    • 12 days of what the fuck: a fic in which potter is hotter than draco ever let himself admit, draco didn't fill out that fucking form, and pansy may or may not lose all of her hair.
  • harry potter/tom riddle | voldemort
    • a future without a face: tom Riddle is a gifted teen with a personality disorder. he’s going to rule the world one day. harry potter is an extremely angry transfer student, or at least that’s what tom believes.
    • harry potter and the greatest show: (non-nsfw) the last real thing harry remembers is standing across from voldemort and watching the killing curse fly at his face. and wakes up in his cupboard on the morning of dudley's eleventh birthday.
    • harry potter and the greatest show: the last real thing harry remembers is standing across from voldemort and watching the killing curse fly at his face. and wakes up in his cupboard on the morning of dudley's eleventh birthday.
    • love is touching souls: voldemort is dead. it's christmas, and harry's just opened a gift from fred and george weasley.
    • serendipity: when tom’s eyes next open, the room is doused in darkness; so heavy and drenched in it he can’t see a thing, and so the first thing he notices is that it is early.
    • heir apparent: when a voldemort in his thirties encounters a time-travelling, seventeen-year-old harry potter, he makes a dangerous—and hilarious—assumption. He assumes that harry is his son. and his son, of course, deserves the very best.
  • harry potter/severus snape
  • teddy lupin/james sirius potter
    • red in tooth and claw: the first time teddy asks if he can, james shrugs and says, "sure, go for it", and teddy has to rethink the whole thing.
    • working out the kinks: there are three things james sirius potter is absolutely sure of.
  • remus lupin/sirius black
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