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The Benefits (NC17) Jongin wasn't sure why he had been so afraid of something so perfect.

The thin line between (NC17) One of the best ChanKai's story I have ever read. Got me all toki-doki, waiting for somebody to pet me.

• My neighbour Monggu (serie NC13 and NC17 ) When his dog is the best wigman he has ever had.

Diminishing Distances (NC13?) I NEED TO STOP READING THIS. But the fluffy gets me all "awwwwn". puppyeol and kitty nini.

Just for tonight (M?) At first I was like "what?" and then everything made sense and it is sooooo sweet. PUPPY JONGIN IS REAL.

Paw prints on your heart (M?)I read this right after Just for tonight and, need to say, I die. I die everytime. THE FUFLLY IN DIS, GAL. THIS FLUFFY, THO.

Unlikely Match (PG13) Man, just read it. I cry.

the weight of the world (NC17) I really don't know why I keep doing this to myself if every time I read this kind of fanfic I cry.

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There are things you need to accept in life. One of them is the fact I ship Minseok even with his shadow. He was just so made for it.

Balancing the Beast (Xiumin/Kyungsoo - NC17) Minseok is going to be the main Alpha. He needs an omega.

• (Starstruck) (PG) One of those fics that will make you believe in true love and stuff.

Position and Positioning (Xiumin/Sehun - NC17) Minseok and Sehun are like space soldiers and stuff, and I reaaaaally like when fanfics are written this way. XiuHun is also my guilty pleasure :3

X marks the heart (Xiumin/Chanyeol - G) Bro, really. This is Xiuyeol. This is gold.

Cuddles and hangovers (Xiumin/Chanyeol - PG13) This is like, my life. I drink, I tell I love people, I cuddle them. I don't remember. Do I regret? nah.

He is a tough nut to crack (Xiumin/Jongin - NC17) This is one of th...

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- the DUFF

- Ready, Set, Novel!

- Urban Outfitters Fashion Journal

- 642 Tiny Things to Write about

- Steal Like an Artist

- Hate List (03/2016)

- Relativity

- Willow

- 1984

- Grande Sertão: Veredas

- O Senhor dos Anéis

- On the road

- A Laranja Mecânica

- O Retrato de Dorian Gray

- A Sangue Frio

- Desonra

- Guerra Civil

- Caixa de pássaros

- Todas As Técnicas Culinárias - Le Cordon Bleu

- Uma breve história do tempo

- Eu sou Malala

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Cock envy (PG13 - NC17) the name doesn't say a thing about the fanfic. it is so sweet, so fluffy and the chicks....... I cried 'cause I am a marshmallow.

Daddy knows best (NC17) Daddy kink is not really my thing (wich is weird 'cause I read quite a few) but I really like the struggle Jongin goes through in this OS. does that make me a kinky bitch?


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I need to remember how to edit this but not in the mood rn so just gonna save some link nobody look at this


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I can't even defend myself tbh


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music is about learning and reading. at least for journalists.

• The First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Rock Critic

• The Rap Year Book

• Here She Comes Now: Women in Music Who Have Changed Our Lives

• The Underground Is Massive

• The Birth of Rock and Roll

• MJ: The Genius of Michael Jackson

• Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl

• The Song Machine: Inside the Hit Factory

• Back to the Fifties

• Selling Digital Music, Formatting Culture

• Yeah Yeah Yeah: The Story of Modern Pop (03/01/16)

• Beatles Vs. Stones

• Creation Stories: Riots, Raves, and Running A Label

• There Goes Gravity

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I'm kinky. lolz.

Cold cheeks, warm smiles (ChanSeKai) This is first part and there's the other, where you cry a lot and ish. Gonna find it.

D is for Dysfunctional (ChanSekai) Remember when I said I don't read dysfunctional? Lies. I read, then I cry and need friends help to recover CUZ THAT'S SO REAL. This is the second part of Cold Cheeks, Warm Smiles.

You found your heart again (ChanSekai) awwwn kitty maknaes.

Accretion (ChanBaeKai) I read it when I got into the fandom a while ago and just found it again today. ♥

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