• act natural | 32.7k | so far, jimin knows exactly five things about min yoongi: 1. he speaks korean. 2. he's a super senior, twenty-three years old and majoring in sound production. 3. he sells his music for money on the internet under the name "suga". 4. he only shows up to class on mondays. 5. he has the most bombass leather jacket jimin's ever seen. and jimin isn't honestly sure where to go with any of that.
  • (all my shades of blue go away when i'm ... | 3k | jimin is a popular idol spanning concerts all around the world and it's wonderful, it really is, but yoongi just wishes they'd share the same bed more often.
  • and you don't even know my name yet | 3.5k | yoongi runs the campus radio's night slot, and some jackass keeps calling in just to insult his music and request high school musical songs instead.
  • baby, baby (you're a caramel macchiato) | ♡ | 3.5k | it's seven a.m. and jimin finds himself falling in love with the b...
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  • (heart) stealer | 18.4k | he hears strange snuffling noise close by and lifts his head to look beyond the boundary of books and notebooks and pens stacked to the very edge of his table to the person passed out at the table opposite. it takes him a moment to place the other man, all messy blond hair and pale skin, but as he shifts into a more comfortable position on the textbook he's using as a pillow, hoseok recognizes him: min yoongi, an upperclassman from his music history class. the one where hoseok lends his coat to yoongi because he looks cold, and then... kind of never gets his coat back.
  • all night ride | ♡ | 3.1k | yoongi's in love with his best friend and said best friend is in his lap as a dare. which is fine, totally fine.
  • are you ready for this? (no i'm not) 8.2k | hoseok is both a dancer and a dancer. (in which hoseok is a stripper and yoongi wants to sample the goods.)
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  • i can do everything better than you | 3.8k | “i bet you i can go longer without touching you.” “you’re gonna lose this bet, kim taehyung.” or vmin make a bet
  • fck | 3k | you know that i’m the one who set the teachers ringtone to boys moaning and called them during class now you’re using this against me.
  • finger cuffs | 30.5k | taehyung falls in love every day but this time, he insists, it is real. but all of his friends are vehemently against the object of his latest affection. "can you give me one?" "a reason?" yoongi hums shortly. "you're sensitive. you fall for anyone in a matter of seconds. and he throws people away like used tampons. there's three."
  • fire sales burning up my heart | 2.7k | (canon) 5 times taehyung became an inanimate object, sort of
  • i'm a dash, you are a dot | 5k | vmin as buzzfeed workers
  • (i'm a teepee, i'm a wigwam calm down, m... | 9.4k | jimin’s birthday was in octob...
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  • chapter 13: jinkook: fem!jeongguk, bunny... | 4.5k | seokjin did not buy into this hybrid nonsense, generally speaking.
  • frivolity upstream | 8.6k | jeongguk's first time meeting his new neighbors included a wavering stack of move-in boxes, a burnt casserole, and an embarrassing amount of flavored lube.(i.e.: the four times seokjin and jungkook had to knock on jimin and taehyung's door about the loud sex. and one time the duty falls on the other foot.)
  • chapter 8: jinkook: toys, ast | 5k | kim seokjin was the bane of jeon jeongguk's existence. as his best friends older brother, it was fucking rude of him to be such a gorgeous, well-mannered man, it was just—it was rude and it made jeongguk feel that hot itch of agitation that actually had very little to do with actually being irritated and more to do with disliking the sudden heat of the room he happened to be standing in whenever seokjin walked in. he just didn't appreciate any of that, thank you very much.
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  • acquainted | 5.4k | hoseok should have known he couldn’t watch jimin without wanting to fuck him hard, couldn’t bear his smug teasing without wanting to reciprocate. jimin knows that. he’s been riling him up all night.
  • instrumental | ♡ | 3.3k | jimin just wants hoseok to scream for him. from the prompt: "i don't know if you know how thin the walls are here, but i have a problem. why the fuck aren't you as loud for me as you were for my neighbor? am i really that bad?"


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  • (in)adequate | 1.6k | yoongi wants to watch one of his best friends fuck his boyfriend. is that weird?
  • a little less sixteen candles, a little ... | 4.9k | jeongguk, jimin and taehyung's initiation to the alpha tau omega fraternity is a little... unorthordox to say the least. (prompts: frat au + double penetration)
  • break my bed (to make me wanna stay) | 21.3k | yoongi wants to try something new.
  • chapter 10: vminseok: voyeurism, filming... | 6.7k | it's been happening since their third year of college, when he and jimin moved into one of the on-campus apartments and managed to get lucky enough to get one made for two people instead of four. two separate rooms were great—jimin's boyfriend stayed over more often than not, and the couple of extra walls made him feel more comfortable in... getting busy while taehyung was home, instead of waiting until he'd left for his classes.
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  • all the world's noise | 7.4k | in between late night dance practices and thursday study dates, jungkook lets hoseok teach him that love doesn’t have to be loud to be real.
  • bloodflows | 2.2k | sharing a bath at 3am with all 178cm of jeon jeongguk is at least one of hoseok's ideas of torture.
  • chapter 6: junghope: daddy, crossdressin... | 2.9k | hoseok is a good daddy. for his little boy, and his little girl.
  • crushworthy | 3.6k | in which jeon jeongguk's yearning for jung hoseok goes from long-distance to face-to-face.
  • for him | 8.3k | jeongguk loves the art but he ends up loving his guide even more
  • found you | 1k | in which hoseok lets jungkook sleep on his bedroom floor.
  • keep on writing | 9.3k | in which jungkook learns that drawing on your boyfriend's arm can lead to both good and bad consequences.
  • like everybody else | 9.6k | he probably hadn’t meant to say it. had he? maybe it had just been a s...
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  • (a little bit dangerous but baby that's ... | 8.2k | 24-year old jeon jungkook did not sign up for the police force to deal with kim taehyung and his stupid college kid antics. but he can't pass up a good offer either.
  • abaddon's waltz | 56.9k | hell hath no fury like a lover scorned.
  • anyone can see (we'll do it anyway) | 1k | jeongguk has a crush on the boy who sits behind him in class.
  • bad religion | 1.6k | ♡ | loving god, taehyung thinks, is like loving someone who will never love you back.
  • been there all night | 9k | taehyung never planned to fall head over heels for jeon jungkook but it just sort of. . . happened. and he didn't realize the extent of his feelings until park jimin walked into their lives and ruined everything. or the lawyer au where taehyung gets jealous and becomes a petty bitch
  • blow me | 1.6k | in which taehyung sucks jeonggu...
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  • 1286m, 133mm | 24.7k | yoongi is a prickly-pink marshmallow, taehyung is totally intrigued. taehyung is a marine biology major who only does casual sex and one-night stands, but yoongi doesn't kiss before the third date. they manage to meet in the middle and kind of fall in love.
  • a bolt out of the blue | 2.7k | company parties fucking rock. because, to taehyung, it often means post-company party shenanigans.
  • a drunk kiss | ♡ | 2.9k | a tumblr drabble gone wild. just a gentle dose of soft taegi for anyone who needs it, i'm just gonna leave it here.
  • bad timing, good tidings | 9.6k | taehyung experiences a slight turn of events in the no-show that is his uninspiring life in the form of keying a car. ...and subsequently getting caught keying said car.
  • chapter 11: taegi: pegging, overstim | 6.7k | sometimes when he meets up with yoongi, he's in jeans and a t-shirt and ...
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  • (got you) on my lips | 2.7k | jimin swears taehyung has the worst ideas. except they end up being the best ones.
  • chapter 28: jikook: jock/nerd, phonesex | 7.4k | jeongguk looked at jimin with affection, covetousness, and jealousy. jimin didn't have anything more than him except for the warm and easy personality of someone who was well liked, had always been well liked, and probably always would be well liked. so the small, handsome basketball team member would always have that one-up on jeongguk, and it drove jeongguk absolutely crazy, considering that they'd been friends since they were kids.
  • figuring it as we go | 4.2k | jungkook never thought this would happen to him; eighteen years old and questioning everything he used to know. staying up late watching gay music videos with wide-eyes, phone tucked to his chest, probably isn't helping him much, either, but what is he supposed to do when he r...
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  • kkt (5 new messages) | 4k
  • sugakookie: pegging | 4.5k | femme!yoongi pegging jeongguk, semi-erotic shaving, somewhat inappropriate use of the word noona and i guess a little bit of praise kink/bdsm elements? jungkookie [00:08] keep me company?
  • (un)professional punk | 2k | yoongi has a punk boyfriend.
  • all my loving | 3.5k | the said customer practically stomps his way to them and slams 23,000 won on the counter. he huffs and rips his mask off his face and says in the lowest and most serious voice jungkook had ever heard in his life; "i'm looking for a flower that passive-aggressively says 'shut the fuck up'."
  • all on one hand | 769w | jungkook wouldn't be a temptation if yoongi weren't so easily swayed
  • best friends | 2.2k | jungkook introduces yoongi to his best friend, taehyung. sequel yo biology
  • bewitched | 2.2k | "hyung," jungkook whispers, breathy, feeling yoongi's body under him. th...
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