this is for others that cant access my pronouny in my about for whatever reason! i love he/him for myself the most because that makes me the happiest but it's ok to use any other pronouns from this list that aren't in the f category! :3c i love pronouns listed s through b the most, pronouns in the c category are mixed between ones im testing out and i feel indifferent to them but i still like them enough to be added

s: he/him, fa/falle, i/mwe

a: gummy/gummys, 🦭/🦭s (seal emoji), boop/boops, 🦕/🦕s, 🧸/🧸s, snarl/snarls

b: fang/fangs, mrr/mrow, mrrp/mrrps, 🐾/🐾s, cherm/cherms, vaer/vaers

c: nom/noms, love/lovable, forgor/forgors, grr/grrs, beam/beams, mag/magic, ⛈️/⛈️s, paw/paws, mew/mews, sleepy/sleepys, 🦴/🦴s, gut/guts, fern/ferns, dew/dews, !!/!!s, tsum/tsums, 💮/💮s, it/its

d: they/them (i'd strongly prefer if you use these if you don't know my pronouns)


f: she/her

mar 1 2020 ∞
nov 19 2023 +