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current kin shift: none

guys are really cute

main: basic info, notes, kin list
ongoing: misc

  • my bf, ethan-coded
  • ross
  • jacob
  • my qpp, abigail-coded
  • my friends and family!!
  • witchcraft
  • space
  • technology & robots/androids
  • dnd
  • anything aesthetic
  • ocs (my toyhouse is Applejack!)
  • marvel
  • dc
  • transformers
  • youtubers/streamers: manlybadasshero, merryweatherery, jiinh, ai-chan, vinesauce (i love vinny and joel but i definitely like joel way more!), joseph anderson, crankgameplays, flamingo, wilbur soot, technoblade, gmm, the try guys, kurtis conner, and jazzadraws
jan 9 2019 ∞
jan 14 2021 +

if it's a squick, id appreciate it if you tag them but if you can't it's okay!

  • sexism, racism, ableism, etc
  • lgbt exclusionism
  • fat shaming/body shaming + slut shaming/sex shaming
  • fetishizing wlw/mlm
  • idolizing celebrities
  • animal abuse
  • abuse of any kind
  • bad hygine
  • condescending people
  • end of world talk(s)
  • predictions of when ill die or when someone i care about will die(s)
  • harm to children/babies
  • blood(s) (drawn blood is fine but not irl pics of it)
  • screeching noises
  • trophy hunting
  • hate on any of my ids/kins(s)
jan 9 2019 ∞
feb 29 2020 +
  • diana x akko (little witch academia)
  • harlivy (dc)
  • bubbleline (adv time)
  • amedot (su)
  • viktuuri (yuri on ice)
  • rupphire (su)
  • shigure x caeldori (fire emblem)
  • robin/avatar x sully (fire emblem)
  • sonicminasally (sonic)
  • angela x amelie (ovw)
  • mamousa (sailor moon)
  • naekusaba (danganronpa)
  • ishimondo (danganronpa)
  • naegami (danganronpa)
  • sakuraoi (danganronpa)
  • hinamiki (sdr2)
  • hinazumi (sdr2)
  • kuzupeko (sdr2)
  • sondam (sdr2)
  • nanamiki (sdr2)
  • hiyoko x mahiru (sdr2)
jan 9 2019 ∞
dec 26 2020 +
  • sontails
  • sonamy
  • scrouge x fiona (sonic)
  • sebaciel (black butler)
  • sheith or shipping shiro and the paladins in general (vld)
  • any pedo/incest shipping or abusive in general
  • joker x harley (dc)
  • shipping lesbians with men, gay men with women, etc.
jan 9 2019 ∞
feb 18 2020 +
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aster/marceline or any of my kin names

  • no pronouns/whatevers in dn
  • irl hajidere, deredere, nyandere, and shinshidere
  • alaska native
  • agender bi
  • polyamorous
  • 19
  • capricorn sun/pisces moon/taurus rising
  • enfj
  • furry
  • activist
  • witch
  • a meme that likes to draw and write
  • blushes a lot
  • rts a lot (twitter)
  • i love my bf, ethan and my qpp, abigail
  • icons by wuvsbian and hexedits both on tumblr + header by lina-ruru on tumblr
jan 9 2019 ∞
dec 25 2020 +

this is for others that cant access my pronouny in my about for whatever reason! i strongly prefer no pronouns for myself because that makes me the happiest but it doesn't bother me if you use pronouns from this list for me that aren't in the f category! :3c

s: fa/falle, syl/sylv, meow/meows, pix/pixs, vega/vegas, warm/warms

a: bug/bugs, cro/crownself, nova/novere, pri/princeself, goo/goos, fay/fayr, alien/aliens, wool/wools, sea/searself

b: night/nights, mo/mothself, wy/wyvern, cream/creampuff, haun/haunt, rain/rains, he/heo/hero, lu/luckself, fye/fir or fye/fer

c: fae/faen, fea/feather, oshe/osh/ocean or oshe/ocen/ocean, li/lime, vi/violet, they/them (only irls and close friends can use they/them)

d: she/her (romantic partners/crushes only)

mar 1 2020 ∞
dec 17 2020 +

im autistic so i got special interests! >:3c it usually fluctuates but it almost always stays the same! also yes i know i have a lot i cannot control the special interest

  • animatronics + robotics
  • my dragons on flightrising + dragons in general (my user is TrailgillRoad!)
  • 1bitheart
  • little witch academia (lwa)
  • hamlet
  • the lego movie series + lego batman
  • madoka magica
  • neon genesis evangelion
  • invader zim
  • animaniacs
  • toliet bound hanako-kun
  • the coffin princess
  • bna
  • gekkan shoujo nozaki kun
  • ace attorney
jan 10 2019 ∞
jan 9 2021 +

yes i'm dating the romantic ones, go away if you're going to be a dick about it because i love them all. i will hold all of their hands and give them so many kisses. there are some that i'm not comfortable sharing, sorry! if you ship with any of them, you're still allowed to follow just don't gush about them/your ship with them to me thank. (❤ means romantic, ☆ means platonic, ♢ means qpp, ✿ means familial, ♡ means crush, ? means unsure, ✨ means characters im not comfortable sharing)

  • brigitte lindholm (overwatch) ❤
  • izumi sena (ensemble stars) ☆
  • arashi narukami (ensemble stars) ❤
  • madara mikejima (ensemble stars) ♡
  • shu itsuki (ensemble stars) ☆
  • rei sakuma (ensemble stars) ❤
  • saori hasegawa (p3) ☆
  • yusuke kitagawa (p5) ❤
jan 21 2020 ∞
jan 17 2021 +
  • amethyst (su)
  • all the crystal gems (su)
  • all the girls from ddlc have my heart
  • jesse mccree (ovw)
  • yuna/d.mon (ovw)
  • bowser (super mario bros)
  • honoka kosaka (love live)
  • kotori minami (love live)
  • hanayo koizumi (love live)
  • tomoya mashiro (ensemble stars)
  • midori takamine (ensemble stars)
  • yuta aoi (ensemble stars)
  • subaru akehoshi (ensemble stars)
  • hokuto hidaka (ensemble stars)
  • koga oogami (ensemble stars)
  • ritsu sakuma (ensemble stars)
  • mika kagehira (ensemble stars)
  • keito hasumi (ensemble stars)
  • chiaki morisawa (ensemble stars)
  • kuro kiryu (ensemble stars)
  • nazuna nito (ensemble stars)
jan 9 2019 ∞
dec 26 2020 +

i know this is really long otl i don't want to meet others who think they're me sorry. i have delusional attachments. you can follow me if we share ids or any of my other kins just let me know beforehand! i can give you invals if you need them. i love doubles for everyone. i do have some kins unlisted that you can ask about if youre curious :p

me in the flesh not kins

  • moomintroll (all adaptations) (moomins)
  • peridot (su)
  • fluttershy (mlp fim)
  • fabian (a bna oc of mine)
  • jeff (mayday memory)
  • marcy wu (amphibia)
  • unnamed vampire pony (mlp fim oc of mine)


  • usagi tsukino (sailor moon)
jan 9 2019 ∞
jan 21 2021 +

i don't have a byf, i'll just block you if i don't want you to interact/you're gross though here are some things to note! don't have to read this if i follow you first but its appreciated!

  • i'm autistic and psychotic (i can't understand tone that well through text)
  • i don't use much labels that aren't mogai because i don't understand human sexuality and gender but my main ones are genderfae/nonbinary and aro
  • i tend to change my name a lot just a heads up!
  • i love nicknames!
  • i go through periods of not posting either because of my mental health or i have no idea what to talk about
  • ask me about pet names before using them for me ;v; i can get overwhelmed sometimes by them
  • i'm a big self shipper so don't follow if...
jan 9 2019 ∞
dec 2 2020 +