im ok with doubles for all of my kins! i have other kins but they don't matter as much. you can ask to see that list if you want


  • peridot (su)
  • fluttershy (mlp fim)
  • suzy stolas (welcome to demon school! iruma-kun)
  • jeff (mayday memory)
  • marcy wu (amphibia)
  • stolas (helluva boss)
  • unnamed vampire pony (mlp fim oc of mine)
  • langa hasegawa (sk8 the infinity)
  • doki (there she is!)
  • midori asakusa (keep your hands off eizouken!)
  • hatsune miku (vocaloid)


  • victor nikiforov (yuri on ice)
  • fabian (a bna oc of mine)
  • cade (an oc of mine)
  • rantaro amami (danganronpa)

i have a bunch of synpaths but luz and amity are the only ones that matters


  • luz (toh)
  • amity (toh)
jan 9 2019 ∞
feb 10 2024 +