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welcome to my 100 DAYS IN HARDCORE MINECRAFT LET'S PLAY be sure to SMASH that like button can we get 69 likes on this video


since i've gotten a few messages asking about art trades and requests, might as well smack this here to answer those questions:

  • i am currently NOT doing art trades. maybe one day? this plays into my shitty trust issues as well. One Day
  • i do NOT do art requests...... for free, anyway. i'd rather do commissions! sorry if this isn't the answer you wanted to hear, but i don't feel very good about giving away pieces i work hours on for free

right now, my commissions are currently open! feel free to message me on any of my socials if you're interested in buying a commission :)

when buying a commission, please keep in mind i will NOT draw any of the following:

  • furry art
  • fetish art
  • art with proship themes (not that it matters, i WILL turn you down regardless of subject if you're a proshipper)
  • extremely detailed subjects/complex non-humanoid subjects
  • anything from the following fandoms: dsmp/other minecraft smp series, genshin/honkai impact, cookie run, friday night funkin' (and mods of fnf), encanto, hololive, and japanese idol franchise games (such as love live, bandori, ensemble stars, ect). as an exception to some of these guildlines, i have no issue drawing content for much smaller scale youtube things, such as your own minecraft character or vtuber!
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