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welcome to my 100 DAYS IN HARDCORE MINECRAFT LET'S PLAY be sure to SMASH that like button can we get 69 likes on this video

  • cirrus
  • 18↑
  • she/her/hers
  • isfp
  • aroace
  • cringe ass fanartist
  • world's most annoying oras fan
  • usda certified™ dumbass
  • creator of that cursed steven stone utau on tumblr
  • yes my username is a pun about steven stone
may 4 2021 ∞
aug 2 2022 +
  • i am over 18 but will never post nsfw content (sex repulsed ace gang rise up)
  • us central time based. i will not respond to anything between 1am-11am at the latest
  • i will swear here and there. a lot. i swear a lot
  • i have garbage trust issues. i'm open to messages, but please take things slow with me/don't assume i'm not interested in your thoughts if i seem a little distant/cold. it takes time for me to warm up and start putting my trust in you! but in general, if you message me first, i will message you back!
  • if you play around with typing quirks, please don't use it if we're talking one on one. i value clear communication in my conversations and it's harder for me to take you seriously if you're speaking to me like you're stuck in 2012. i also have trouble "tr...
may 5 2021 ∞
aug 9 2022 +
  • if you decide to reblog/share my art on your story (thank you!) please DO NOT tag or add a note of either "kin/me" or refer to the character i have drawn as part of a ship (ex: x's boyfriend)! on a similar note, this applies to comments as well: don't leave a witty "gay people yay" style comment when it has nothing to do with the art itself! it's nothing personal against people who kin or ship, but i don't create my artwork to be "claimed" by other people (if that makes sense) when i make my art for my own/others' enjoyment first and foremost. thanks for your understanding! (as a side note, tagging with things like "fave/comfort chara" is okay!)
  • i don't mind "spam liking" or whatever it is when you find my profile and like every single post i've made. you have my full permission to make my phone's notifs explode!
may 11 2021 ∞
aug 12 2022 +

i started applying to fanzines in late 2021, and here's a small list of every zine i've had the honor of being a part of!

  • let's go, johto!: page artist
  • COMET: merch artist
  • challenge accepted!: page artist
  • fire blast!: merch artist
mar 21 2022 ∞
jun 16 2022 +
  • pokemon
  • other nintendo things (mario, splatoon, and animal crossing)
  • watching anime like a fucking loser
  • plushie collecting
  • floriography
  • looking at the sky (and maybe touching grass while i'm outside)
  • itabagging and going broke
  • petting cats
  • drawing (maybe)
  • squishifying handsome ikemen pokeboys
  • minecraft (the game itself, not youtubers!)
  • fucking around in utau
  • getting too invested in useless side characters for my own good
may 5 2021 ∞
aug 1 2022 +


  • omega ruby/alpha sapphire
  • legends arceus
  • ruby/sapphire/emerald
  • x/y
  • diamond/pearl/platinum

characters (names in bold are presented in order, the rest is not! characters whose names are in bold are often targets of my art/rambling. you've been warned!)

  • champion steven stone/daigo tsuwabuki
  • gym leader juan/adan
  • gym leader clair/ibuki
  • champion lance/wataru
  • gym leader grusha
  • gym leader falkner/hayato
  • pkmn weilder volo
  • pkmn trainer dawn/hikari
  • pkmn trainer may/haruka
  • gym leader morty/matsuba
may 8 2021 ∞
aug 6 2022 +

a small list of some of my favorite brushes and other resources i use in my artwork! if you also have clip studio you should download them because i love them :)

  • stary sky: the particle brush i spam for hair/eye lighting and backgrounds. by far my favorite!
  • partybob: the particle brushes that give the hair that gemstone-ish look! i like the triangle and diamond patterns :)
  • rough-ish pen: my sketch brush! you'll never see this one in my pieces, but occasionally in messy colored sketches/shitposts
  • retrowavemasterset: a bunch of color swatches i use for my backgrounds/some base colors
  • dust brushes: a particle brush i use on occasion for some pieces. a technique i really like is using the 2-dust brush and motion blurring it!
oct 17 2021 ∞
jun 27 2022 +
  • general dfi criteria. y'know, don't be an asshole
  • you're an aro/ace exclusionist
  • you consider yourself a proshipper/comshipper/anti anti. proshippers kindly fuck off from my pages!
  • you are a fetish artist. as a sex repulsed ace, i don't want to be associated with that shit
  • you ship/make content for/promote fanart or fanfics of incest and pedo ships
  • you actively use (the site is run by pedos, proshippers, and cryptobros!)
  • you send people death threats/think making death threats towards people is cute/quirky/some sort of "social justice." i don't care if you think telling someone to kill themselves is "justified" because they like some harmless anime show that you think is "problematic," log off the inter...
may 5 2021 ∞
aug 12 2022 +

feel free to bother me and make fun of my art anywhere :) i'm online pretty much the moment i wake up to the moment i go to bed on my days off so don't worry about me not reading a message!

  • tumblr
  • insta
  • artfol
  • kofi
  • etsy
  • ao3
  • artfight
  • discord: cirrus#8153 (note: if you message me on discord, please take the time to introduce yourself if we've never chatted before! i have very shaky trust issues and a small introduction helps me a lot :) in addition if you try messaging me and get a notif that i'm not accepting messages, i haven't blocked you, my dms are just off for a bit)
may 8 2021 ∞
aug 12 2022 +

since i've gotten a few messages asking about art trades and requests, might as well smack this here to answer those questions:

  • i am currently NOT doing art trades. maybe one day? this plays into my shitty trust issues as well. One Day
  • i do NOT do art requests...... for free, anyway. i'd rather do commissions! sorry if this isn't the answer you wanted to hear, but i don't feel very good about giving away pieces i work hours on for free

right now, my commissions are currently open! feel free to message me on any of my socials if you're interested in buying a commission :)

when buying a commission, please keep in mind i will NOT draw any of the following:

  • furry art
  • fetish art
jun 9 2021 ∞
jun 27 2022 +

before you commission me, please make sure you understand my terms of service first:

  • please take a look at the list above this one to understand the content and fandoms i will NOT draw! this list is non-negotiable. feel free to ask me about any questions you might have
  • please also understand that i have the right to refuse your concept even if it's not listed. there are some minor nuanced things i may not be comfortable drawing that aren't really major enough to warrant an explicit place on my banned list (like certain characters, ships, whatever). if you pitch a concept i refuse, you're more than welcome to make another pitch!
  • don't try and negotiate regarding content i don't want to draw. my list and preferences are final and if you can't respect that, please find another artist to draw ...
may 13 2022 ∞
may 13 2022 +