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  • general dfi criteria. y'know, don't be an asshole
  • you're an aro/ace exclusionist
  • you consider yourself a proshipper/comshipper/anti anti. proshippers kindly fuck off from my pages!
  • you are a fetish artist. as a sex repulsed ace, i don't want to be associated with that shit
  • you ship/make content for/promote fanart or fanfics of incest and pedo ships
  • you actively use (the site is run by pedos, proshippers, and cryptobros!)
  • you send people death threats/think making death threats towards people is cute/quirky/some sort of "social justice." i don't care if you think telling someone to kill themselves is "justified" because they like some harmless anime show that you think is "problematic," log off the internet and get help because words like that aren't a joke to some people
  • you are friends with/follow/actively engage with kanamidos/mirukuris/beffie/momoikkai/whatever other socials she has. context can be given if asked for.
  • your MAIN interest is dsmp/genshin impact/cookie run/friday night funkin'/ensemble stars. i don't care what you like nor will i criticize your interests, but i generally don't feel comfortable being associated with large toxic fandoms
  • you often get into fandom drama/discourse
  • you steal/repost other's art or think it's okay to do so
  • you have anything to do with nfts (whether buying/selling/minting them)
  • you're 15 or under (i don't post nsfw content! interacting with very young people on the internet makes me iffy, it's for my personal sanity more than anything)
  • your account is mostly nsfw
  • you hate any of my faves: nothing personal you hate my faves! i brainrot over them a lot so you probably won't find much enjoyment from my account if that's the case. it's just to save you some time and agony
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