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welcome to my 100 DAYS IN HARDCORE MINECRAFT LET'S PLAY be sure to SMASH that like button can we get 69 likes on this video

listography + NEW JOURNAL +
  • pokemon
  • other nintendo things (mario, splatoon, and animal crossing)
  • drawing and art
  • watching anime like a fucking loser
  • vocaloid/utau shit
  • plushie collecting
  • floriography
  • looking at the sky (and maybe touching grass while i'm outside...... i like gardening)
  • itabagging and going broke
  • petting cats
  • squishifying handsome ikemen pokeboys
  • minecraft (NOT YOUTUBERS! just the game)
  • getting too invested in useless side characters for my own good
may 5 2021 ∞
aug 31 2022 +