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a small list of some of my favorite brushes and other resources i use in my artwork! if you also have clip studio you should download them because i love them :)

  • stary sky: the particle brush i spam for hair/eye lighting and backgrounds. by far my favorite!
  • partybob: the particle brushes that give the hair that gemstone-ish look! i like the triangle and diamond patterns :)
  • rough-ish pen: my sketch brush! you'll never see this one in my pieces, but occasionally in messy colored sketches/shitposts
  • retrowavemasterset: a bunch of color swatches i use for my backgrounds/some base colors
  • dust brushes: a particle brush i use on occasion for some pieces. a technique i really like is using the 2-dust brush and motion blurring it!
  • sticker outline: not a brush but rather an auto action, what i use to add outlines around the character!
  • grid background: that grid pattern i keep overusing
  • toffl set #2, yunyvibe, ommugdation1, sun's set, and mahou shoujo gradients: my favorite gradient map sets that give you those colors you all seem to love. try setting the correction layer to overlay!
  • boke brushes: i have like 20 of these. just search boke and pick your favorite they're all the same
  • 3色ストライプ: a tool that makes the stripe pattern in some of my backgrounds!

"where's your line art pen" it's the default pen (and g pen for the squishy style)! pretty much anything else is done with csp's default assets

i download Way too many brushes i sparsely use every so often so if you wanna know about anything you see in my pieces, go ahead and ask! i love letting people know my creative process and how i make my drawings

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