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welcome to my 100 DAYS IN HARDCORE MINECRAFT LET'S PLAY be sure to SMASH that like button can we get 69 likes on this video

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  • if you decide to reblog/share my art on your story (thank you!) please DO NOT tag or add a note of either "kin/me" or refer to the character i have drawn as part of a ship (ex: x's boyfriend)! on a similar note, this applies to comments as well: don't leave a witty "gay people yay" style comment when it has nothing to do with the art itself! it's nothing personal against people who kin or ship, but i don't create my artwork to be "claimed" by other people (if that makes sense) when i make my art for my own/others' enjoyment first and foremost. thanks for your understanding! (as a side note, tagging with things like "fave/comfort chara" is okay!)
  • i don't mind "spam liking" or whatever it is when you find my profile and like every single post i've made. you have my full permission to make my phone's notifs explode!
  • my art specs are clip studio paint as software and an xp pen 15.6 pro for hardware!
  • also goes without saying but reposting my art without credit is a big fat no no. as long as you credit me and DIRECTLY LINK BACK TO MY ACCOUNT, i don't mind if you share my art on discord/reddit/wherever as long as it's not twitter, or using my art as an icon as long as i'm credited and you're not trying to impersonate me
  • in case you haven't noticed, i do not follow back. many bad online encounters have happened to me before, so i'm generally very wary of who and how i interact with anyone. however, i am open to conversations, and i do memorize users who frequently leave likes/notes/comments on my posts :)
  • if we're having a nice friendly chat one-on-one, please DO NOT mention wallace, lisia, or leon. i hate them. i IRRATIONALLY hate these characters and i will ignore you for a bit if you do. nothing personal if you like these characters (very glad that people can enjoy the things i don't for me!), i'm just not the person to chat with about your blorbos
  • for tumblr specifically: if you send me an ask and i don't post any response on my blog, i DID read your ask! it's just that i had no real response that felt meaningful to the topic
  • i have no intentions of making a twitter account. please don't ask me if i'm on twitter as well, that answer is no and always will be. that being said, if you ever see a novacirrus/ishibishie or my artwork on twitter (not posted by a zine account), it's not me
  • regarding my cursed stevenloid utau: he was made entirely by me, using his japanese voice by tomoaki maeno in pokemon masters! due to the legally grey area that jinriki voicebanks are in, i will unfortunately not be distributing him
  • easter egg for reading this wall of text all the way down: my favorite color is green! i just like telling people this because it always makes them go "HUH" probably because i Never use green in my pieces lol
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