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  • I have cried every night since January 15th, 2009. I rarely cry in front of people. Something really traumatizing has to have happened to me to make me cry in front of poeple.
  • I have ADHD. Ritalin doesn't do anything for me. Diet coke calms me down more than ritalin does and it's safer, cheaper and I can give it to my friends without being arrested.
  • I'm actually really funny. You may not think so but I'll say things and I'll make myself laugh for hours. Like, no joke.
  • I love Jesus. He's cool and all, but I absolutely hate church. I hate to go, I hate sunday school, I hate fellowship, and if you can worship him anywhere, I don't see why I can't do it sleeping in my bed.
  • I blame everything on other people when it is my fault and I blame myself when it's someone else's fault, if that makes sense.
  • I am lactose intolerant. It's just not really severe so I can have milk sometimes, I just prefer Soy.
  • My mind goes faster than I do. I can be talking about what I had for dinner and be talking about something else totally unrelated in the next 30 seconds. In my mind, it would have made perfect sense, and other people sit and stare at me.
  • I am always constantly moving. I hate exercise, though my mom is a personal trainer, but I am always moving. Whether it's my fingers typing, my leg tapping, etc.
  • I try not to hate people. It wasn't an issue for a while but recently, I'm starting to have this mental list of people I wish would just fall off the planet. Permanently.
  • I am shy. No, really! In front of strangers, I'm obnoxious because I know I'll never see them again, and in front of friends, I'm not afraid to be myself. However, if it's someone who I will see again and someone who isn't my friend, I become really self conscious.
  • I'm lazy, but you probably already knew that. I procrastinate and don't do things until the night before, but I do my best work under pressure. All my A's on tests / essays / 20 page research projects have all been all nighters. I don't see any reason to stop if I get good grades.
  • I have never gotten straight A's in my life. I've come really, really, close, but always fail miserably at the end. I'm actually intelligent, I just don't seem that way. People believe what they want and nothing I can do or say can change that.
  • I hate when people ask me if my dad is Robert Rappaport. Yeah, he is. I get it. Rappaport isn't a common last name. Yeah, we're related. Ooh, big deal. I absolutely hate it when people treat me differently because they listen to my dad on the radio. My english teacher did that a lot in 6th grade and everyone hated me for it.
  • Really random things will remind me of someone. I hate it. I'll just be sitting there drawing and I'll remember him. All. Over. Again.
  • Speaking of drawing, I used to be an artist. I would draw all the time, like no joke. Then high school started and I got lazy. I haven't seriously sat down to draw in months. I only do random doodles making fun of people in my notebook now. :|
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