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I'm Jamie.
And I just can't take it anymore.


I had the most amazing spring break ever, but as all good things do, it ended. I have so much homework to do, and making a list of it is my last chance of procrastination. O:

  • Finish Barometer Graph for Ruhf.
    • Write all the individual dates.
    • Do the end of March & beginning of April.
    • Write the Summary.
      • possibly come into lunch to finish the last parts of April.
  • Memorize Lines in Drama.
    • Learn all the lines.
    • Learn _all_the blocking. |:<
      • Get McFlurry if everyone else learns their lines? Maybe.
  • Read the first 9 chapters in the Count of Monte Cristo.
    • Read abridged online version, as opposed to the 1,900 page book.
    • Read cliff notes and write down everything I can understand.
    • Start the theme essay about shakespeare.
    • Type up what I learned so I can understand it.
      • Maybe call Sam and ask what she understood about the book?
  • Organize backpack.
    • find folders.
  • Take a shower and relax after this entire fun weekend.

Fun things to-do.

  • Edit myspace (;
  • Rearrange bedroom
  • Watch Toddlers in Tiaras (:


apr 13 2009 ∞
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