• spending days in bed. a stack of movies, endless tea, no sleep at all, and a better half close beside
  • brushing your teeth with diet cola, upon forgetting to pack adequate bottled water on camping trips
  • minutes spent debating how many kisses to put at the end of a text message
  • mis-interpreted/heard lyrics, which respectively result in abhorrence of said song when you realise that two years have been spent feeling falsely bonded to a by-product of your flawed hearing.
  • how much fun the sandpit was in junior school.
  • being too young to know what carbs are, what your RDA of saturated fat is, and how many calories there are in any of Mars' products
  • productivity and creativity unlocked only between the hours of 4:01 and 6:15am
  • cereal; as an aperitif, main, and subsequently, dessert.
  • keys, to important locks
  • family vacations
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