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  • go to the olive garden (oh, hawaii, why must you be so olive gardenless?)
  • get phone calls from people i didn't think would remember my birthday
  • make it last all week
    • well, thanks to the island-wide blackout, it did last an extra day
  • go to macaroni grill, since olive garden is out of the question, and draw on the table
  • be with people who care about me (i'd like to think that's more than my family)
  • stay out late
  • not drink, because it's so cliche to drink on your 21st birthday
  • be happy and not feel badly about anything
  • look good, feel good
  • eat an awesome dessert
  • have a killer soundtrack to document the birthday/week
dec 21 2008 ∞
jan 3 2009 +