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...when i get a job...

  • buy new slippers
  • buy a new jacket
  • maybe a new pair of jeans, too
  • get my own copy of "protecting marie" by kevin henkes
  • get presents for people!
  • browse ebay for jewelry
  • go to vegas, win, then quit my job. just kidding.
  • go to vegas, win, then put some of my winnings in my savings
  • look for a new bag online
  • buy some li hing mui candies
  • buy a new wallet. preferably one a little more grownup
  • play for a little bit of real money on absolute poker
  • not feel so guilty when i gamble with friends
  • maybe some new kicks. hahah.
  • get new makeup
  • invest in new noise cancellation headphones
sep 22 2009 ∞
mar 24 2010 +