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because i plan to write for a living, this list should help me be sure that conditions are right

  • a dark room lit only by the christmas lights strung around it
  • "not a second to waste" - a rocket to the moon
  • "the greatest" - cat power
  • sigur ros
  • the thought of driving to the north shore at night
  • symphony by pam houston (sudden fiction)
  • no one's a mystery by elizabeth tallent (short story)
  • reading stories written by classmates
  • being in an english class
  • good feedback on something i've already written
  • an irritating conversation that makes me realize how much i'd rather be writing
  • movies about letters or letter writing
  • movies or tv shows with brilliant scripts
  • editing rough drafts with a pen and paper (not on the computer)
  • "fast car" - tracy chapman
  • "one last song" - josiah leming
  • "cowboy take me away" - dixie chicks
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