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When you go back to the past, do you think you will decide to be a singer again?

    • namjoon : hundreds of times. yes. of course the way i do music could be different.
    • yoongi : i would not do this again if i'm told to pass through the endless trainee years.
    • seokjin : my life has been totally changed since i became a singer. I practice while others sleep, and go to sleep when the others get up. As my parents do not like this i think it would take time to persuade them again. Of course i will make the same descision.
    • hoseok : only one! i think i would just live a boring life.
    • jimin : no doubt! i could even begin practicing earlier than i did.
    • taehyung : yes i think there's no other way to me.
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bts 150521 jung joon young's shimshimtapa radio: bts has no dating experience?

JJY: Attack on Bangtan, Fun Boys, these songs all talk about your individual stories, right? How about I Need U, whose story is it? Suga: Because of this song, we really had a hard time. JJY: Why why? Suga: Because we don't know anything. We've never felt the sadness of leaving someone. We contacted the friends we usually don't, because we don't have much experience. JJY: Don't they have these kinds of things? No matter which idol it is, when they appear on television, they always say they've never had boyfriends or girlfriends. In reality, during the trainee period, they spend 2-3 years in the dorms, living the life of a trainee. Everyone thinks they're not allowed to go out right? BTS: Hahahaa it's not like that. JJY: So it's not like that for BTS. Everyone, they've all had (girlfriends), they've all had. S...

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A message for those who are stepping forward to a new beginning and challenges?

    • jungkook : Effort makes you. You will regret it someday if you don't do your best now. Don't think it's too late but keep working on it, It may take time, but there's nothing that gets worse due to practicing. So practice. You may get depressed, but it's evidence that you are doing good.
    • taehyung : That's not a big deal." Remember this~
    • jimin : I'm no better than you, but I just want you to try anything. I think it is a lot better to make a challenge than have nothing you want to do.
    • hoseok : Trust in yourself! Challenge and try it!
    • seokjin : "Don't get nervous." It's helpless to get nervous whatever you begin, but I hope you don't.
    • yoongi : You cannot avoid failure. So just don't...
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  • 141111
    • 늘 나를 사랑해주는 사람들이 조금 더 좋은 오늘을 살았으면 한다. 가끔은 랩몬스터가 아니라 김남준으로서 너의 얘기를 듣고 싶다는 생각도 한다. 사랑을 줄 수 있는 사람들은 더 큰 사랑을 받을 수 있는 사람들이라는 생각도 한다. 여러가지 보이지 않는
    • 벽들 때문에 한 사람의 외로움과 슬픔을 다 담을 수 없지만, 그래서 더 음악에 매달리게 되는 것. 그대의 외로움 내가 다 알 수 없지만, 내 표정이던 말투던, 목소리던 너를 안아줄 수만 있다면 참 좋겠다.
    • I hope people who always love me live each day better. Sometimes, I want to listen to your story, not as Rapmonster, but as...
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A word that makes you happy

    • namjoon : sexy. you are have a good-looking. I like your voice. you rock.
    • yoongi : i love every song you made.
    • seokjin : you are improved. you are handsome. so handsome.
    • hoseok : you made a good song. you are improved. i knew you would do well, mr. jung.
    • jimin : you are really awesome.
    • taehyung : you are improved. you are the only one to me. you rock.
    • jungkook : you are improved. handsome. smart. did you lose weight? wow~~~~

Describe yourself with 10 letters

    • jungkook : i'll be the best someday.
    • taehyung : that's no big deal.
    • jimin : I'm the park jimin!
    • hoseok : There's no end for j-hope.
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