• americans who use british spellings in an attempt to be cute
  • people who wear clothes that don't fit them
  • idiots who don't use turn signals
  • overly loud cell phone talkers
  • strangers who sit too close to me on public transportation
  • those who don't know the difference between "your" and "you're"
  • thinking something is another flavor and having it turn out to be peanut butter
  • duck shoes
  • smug mac users (yes, i know my computer sucks)
  • ending up somewhere really cool the one day i go out looking like a bum
  • ideologues
  • excessive pda
  • fake accents
  • unsolicited strangers/acquaintaces who push their vegetarianism, religious views, political leanings, superiority complexes, etc... on me/others (it's fine if you feel that way, but it doesn't mean i have to)
  • no shoes houses when i'm wearing cute shoes and/or stupid socks
  • people who refer to themselves in the third person
  • serious conversations that take place over the internet
  • random ugly bruises you can't recall the source of
  • guys who don't know how to take a hint
  • crocs (stupid rubber shoes)
  • girls who can't walk in heels yet insist on wearing them
  • getting stepped on in clubs
  • clothes on animals
  • being asked the end of the movie by someone who hasn't seen it
  • spam (both kinds)
jul 14 2006 ∞
oct 29 2007 +
user picture jenz: uggggggggh to the peanut butter! jul 21 2006
user picture 12joy: amen sista!! but i think the duck shoes are funny. sep 15 2006
user picture aurora: "americans who use british spellings in an attempt to be cute" opps but i don't do it to be cute. nov 22 2008