What a great topic. I love the quote by Woody Allen, "I would never want to be part of a club that would have me as a member." These are hard to admit, so give m some credit for some honesty.

  • right now? Cause I don't speak spanish. and everyone else does. but other than that:
  • I'm pretty convinced I'm an ideal guy for girls. It's hard not to. I'm pretty wise, well traveled, and have a decent amount of life experience. I don't know, I wouldn't call if cocky (I guess cocky people are cocky, cause they don't see it in themselves, huh?) but I feel I've become very eligible. Point being, I guess I am cocky. Especially for someone having the word, 'humility' tattoo'd on them.
  • i have a hard time doing that whole 'ignore the person you like' thing. I usually botch potential girls by being too forwa...
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right now, I do. and it's not that great. I'd rather be busy.

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  • flat iron my hair.
  • do cocaine.
  • wear a four button suit.
  • hate anyone.
  • give up (wow, that seems cheesily emo)
  • stop listening to music I like in junior high and high school.
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  • Peeing on the carpet in the corner of my room when I woke up in the middle of the night. When I was younger, I shared a bathroom with my sister; it had two doors and she used to accidently leave my end of it locked overnight. Later, I started peeing in the sink.
  • Speeding. Since I realized it doesn't really get you there quicker, but just get to red lights quicker, and after a few tickets, it really hasn't been a problem. Also, when I had my motorcycle, I really enjoyed driving so much, that I didn't mind being on the street for longer.
  • Swearing. I thought it make me look cooler. Not I think it's really not classy.*Singing along with songs. I now realized that my mom has a great voice, and my dad did not. I inherited my father's genes on that one.
  • Buying brand name clothes, just because t...
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  • gone to vegas for the 21st. duh.
  • sold my car to buy a ducati. - best decision ever. having a ducati felt like a spiritual thing. that was my 23rd.
  • bought myself a giant LEGO crane for my 24th. was a wise decision. shut up - it's my birthday - I want to build a lego crane.
  • bought a lot of tshirts and shoes. felt good at the time. 22nd.
  • had a breadstick sword fight. I was dressed up as a pirate. well, actually my mom set that one up for my 5th. I should do that again.
  • gotten really drunk. not as fun as it used to be. think i'm pretty done with the whole 'get obliterated' thing.
  • For my 20th birthday, my mom was out of town, and invited about 400 people over. they thrashed the house, and it took about 12 hours with 8 people cleaning to get ...
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  • 3:10 to Yuma - way better than I was expecting. I've never been able to enjoy a western until now.
  • Death Proof - from the Grindhouse series. I really liked it. It was a bad movie. But I really liked it.
  • War - with Jet Li - not bad, but the worst last two minutes of a film ever.
  • Shrek the Third - ehhh. Not as funny as the other two.
  • Blood SImple. Really disturbing.
  • Powers of Ten. So genius. Definitely watch it if you haven't seen it yet.
  • I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. Hollywood really tries hard to control how you think. Decent laughs though.
  • Freedom Writers. I hate films about 'da streets.' and pretty much every film that mtv makes.
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  • Dirk. He's dead now. So tragic. I miss him alot.
  • Shellie
  • Carlyna.
  • Kaela
  • Korina.
  • Craig
  • Stephen.
  • Will
  • Brice
  • Brandon
  • Davin
  • Jeremy
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I'm doing this for right now, as in, I don't live in the same country as any of my friends or family.

  • Internet connection. My source for american media and keeping in touch with everyone, which sadly, right now is my only form of entertainment.
  • Torrent sites. Yeah, I feel guilty, I'm stealing, but Netflix isn't much of an option over here, and the 3 movies that are showing here in english, aren't exactly the newest.
  • Bandanas. Enjoy that sweat in your face in the 95% humidity. Yum.
  • Deodorant. See above.
  • My world traveler hippy shirt. It's this special material that doesn't soak up moisture and miraculously doesn't get stinky. It also has four pockets. It's so tourist, but I don't care- it's a Godsend.
  • My mom. She pays all my bills for me, and...
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here's a good one. FYI - I do video/photography for a christian missionary support company in the dominican republic/haiti - I live with a family for three or four days at a time, and make a video about whatever work they do - usually some form of humanitarian thing. Likes:

  • The obvious - I'm helping out with people who are doing things that are very worthy causes.
  • I get to help out with the poor, the hungry, the sick, etc.
  • Its a job I feel God called me to - it's glorifying to Him.
  • I love the creative aspect.
  • I have a boss, but nobody telling me what to do.
  • I get to travel, see a new country, learn a new language.
  • I've come to appreciate a lot of things that I used to take for granted while livi...
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  • I'd like to go back to shooting news. I was good at it, I think I'd still be good at it.
  • creative director in advertising. Just need to be better at photoshop/illustrator.
  • hotel management - as per se my ASVAB test. I actually agreed with it.
  • bartender. think it's a little late for that though.
  • producer. this is still a minor goal for me.
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  • Have a son.
  • Ride the circumference of the US on a motorcycle. Ideally, with my future son.
  • Coach my kid's sports team.
  • Make a video/film that really inspires someone.
  • More humanitarian work.
  • See Rage Against the Machine live
  • See Led Zeppelin live, if they end up getting back together.
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  • South America -specifically Brazil and Peru.
  • Tibet
  • Tokyo
  • Africa
  • Egypt
  • Morocco
  • Amsterdam (not for the drugs/party aspect) but for the scenery.
  • On some sort of modern architecture tour - go to certain cities to have tours/photography architectural achievements.
  • Motorcycle trips across the US, australia, and asia.
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