things that make my life so good

  • knowing there's no need to rush. i've been given all of the time i'll ever need
  • dancing all of the time
  • letting go when i need a good cry
  • giving big bear hugs
  • visualizing exactly how i'd punch the idiots of the world that are beyond my control and laughing to myself about it
  • realizing anything is possible if i want to make it happen
  • being genuinely nice to people
  • listening
  • observing
  • believing people are good deep down (even the idiots)
  • having friends who feel like family
  • having family who feel like friends
  • knowing money really isn't that big of a deal, and i can get anything free if i try
  • understanding that my biggest disappointments somehow always lead to my greatest unexpected joys
jan 21 2007 ∞
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