lately i've been getting a lot of static because of some common misconceptions about me being a shallow party girl

  • i'm super shy (people think i'm a snob because i don't initiate conversations with new people - i'm actually just terrified.)
  • i actually can't wait to settle down and be a mom (with the right person, if they exist)
  • i would rather stay in than go out (i just don't have anyone to stay in with, and since i work from home i don't have any other way of meeting people)
  • i will drop everything to help a friend
  • i'm sick of dating around(i just haven't given up on happily ever after)
  • i can't fathom people who intentionally hurt others
  • i like taking care of and being taken care of
  • i have a hard time doing anything halfway
  • when i fall, i fall hard (in love, on my face, asleep, whatever...)
apr 12 2007 ∞
apr 13 2007 +