my dad was killed in a car crash on november 13 2006.

  • his belly laugh
  • the best cooking in the world
  • going for long drives
  • watching him drag race
  • bear hugs
  • my only other liberal family member
  • celebrating our birthdays together
  • knowing i don't have to say anything for him to understand
  • knowing if everyone else falls through, he'll have my back
  • fishing
  • his ability to drive anywhere without a map or directions
  • knowing always that he loved me and felt proud of me
  • the way he squeezed my hand and made everything better
  • escaping to his house in the middle of nowhere
  • chocolate caramel apples on christmas eve
nov 20 2006 ∞
dec 20 2006 +
user picture lisa: wow. that is terrible. i lost my grandmother to a car accident a couple years ago. it is hard to lose someone in this way and not be able to say the things you want. i wish you well with getting through this. dec 20 2006
user picture Jes: thank you. dec 24 2006