big and small things that put me on the mend

  • being alone
  • chocolate pudding from tartine
  • cooking a big fancy meal for myself
  • staying in my pajamas
  • re-reading a favorite book in one sitting
  • cigarettes
  • eavesdropping
  • going for a walk in north beach (where there's no chance of running into anyone i know)
  • the mona lisa restaurant in north beach by myself (the waiters there always tell me i'm beautiful and bring me something special free when i go there alone)
  • re-watching favorite sappy movies
  • not answering my phone
  • watching tourists in and around union square
  • cupcakes
  • looooooong showers
  • buying new art supplies
  • haircuts
  • drinking a full pot of coffee
  • endless journaling
  • good long cries
aug 14 2007 ∞
aug 14 2007 +