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Twenty-three. Happily Married. Chartered Accountant. Casual Perfectionist. Slightly Neurotic. Wine and Coffee Aficionado.

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  • rubbing your feet just because you stick them in front of his face.
  • remembering your favourite colour, song, movie, food... and brand of shoe.
  • laughing at your dad's jokes, eating all the food your mom forces in front of him, letting your brother win a video game, and helping your sister with calculus homework.
  • serenading you with a bad boyband ballad during a long road trip (complete with head bobbing), just because he senses that you're bored.
  • sending you two line emails during the day just to make you smile because he knows you're probably bored and bitter at work.
  • staying awake for as long as he can hold out just because you need to talk at night.
  • listening with real interest when what yo...
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  • When we're on site, clients give us free food for lunch. In the office, before a deadline or during busy season (after we work 11 hours, but let's ignore that fact for now), the firm pays for dinner. Lots of Swiss Chalet.
  • There is a nap room. Does your office have a nap room? Didn't think so.
  • Unlimited office supplies to steal.
  • It's still a ridiculously cool feeling to get off Union Station and walk down Bay Street in a suit (always with a little swagger, you know).
  • Being surrounded by the equally bright and ambitious people hired by a Big 4 firm keeps you on your toes and provides for intelligent discussions.
  • Megan, one of my Partners who is super nice and trusts my ability to do things.
  • The entry level salary is one of the best. (They kill us with hours, but still. I'...
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  • I want to close my eyes and be able to see.
  • I want to stay awake but always feel refreshed.
  • I want to wander and settle at the same time.
  • I want to live simply yet extravagantly.
  • I want to grow old without feeling old.
  • I want to experience new things and remember them in perfect detail.
  • I want to be careless and carefree.
  • I want to be uninhibited.
  • I want adventure.
  • I want to see the world from every perspective.
  • I want to inspire someone.
  • I want to do something that matters.
  • I want winter days to last as long as summer ones.
  • I want to drive with all the windows down and the sunroof open.
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  • failure.
  • opening e-mails when I think the sender is angry with me.
  • waiting for my laptop to start-up.
  • feeling obligated to make phone calls.
  • people who rush onto the subway car without giving me the chance to get out.
  • realizing that I can't do anything to fix a problem.
  • the low battery signal.
  • raw onions.
  • waiting for a situation that is largely out of my control to resolve itself.
  • opening bills.
  • people who don't realize that sometimes you have to keep your mouth shut and take one for the team.
  • that moment on Sunday evening when I realize that the weekend is over.
  • lukewarm showers.
  • doing something and not getting the same ...
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  • Learn that it's okay to say "no" sometimes, but also challenge myself to say "yes" to things that I wouldn't normally do.
  • Cook more, come up with a signature dish.
  • Wear bright colours.
  • Worry less.
  • Keep in better touch with my family and make more time for my friends, regardless of how busy my life is.
  • Find some kind of fulfillment at my job, make use of my almost CA designation.
  • Give more.
  • Pray more.
  • Beautifully (and frugally) furnish and accessorize my entire house.
  • Do all I can to maintain a happy, fun, safe and cozy, loving marriage with my husband.
  • i.e. Become less dependent on caffeine. (lol)
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  • Gmail.
  • Extra closet space.
  • Being able to do laundry without quarters.
  • Warm milk with honey, delicious and caffeine-free.
  • The passenger seat of the car when we're not in a hurry to get anywhere. It's one of my happy places, for sure.
  • Music. The stuff I sing and dance to around the house, and the 'I love that crazy woman' look my husband gives me when I do.
  • Good questions.
  • Fall season sweater dresses and fancy boots. And scarves. I love scarves.
  • Boutique jewelry, beaded and dangle-y fun.
  • Lunch dates with my fellow financial district buddies.
  • Crock pot recipes.
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