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  • i watched a drunk man punch his dog in face, because it refused to speak
  • i attended a shit show new years eve "christmas tree burning" party with all three generations of the host family present sharing the same hennessy straight from the bottle
  • i was publicly told to watch my language twice
  • opening a small generic container and removing a pill, an office depot employee reminded me to "never eat these" before pointing me towards the printer paper
  • unfortunately, my fascination of public study spaces extended to the vestavia hill public library on more than one occasion
  • apple TV took my soul and won't give it back
  • i have repeatedly referred to my father as "man child"
  • i think i am going to study abroad in london instead of berlin
  • i felt the tension as my friends and i rented a hand gun with a chinese passport
  • it is still unclear to me the point in which a slumber party transitions from innocent to gay


jan 18 2011 ∞
feb 5 2011 +