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  • Ben Quilty (figurative painter) [after afghanistan exhibition (2013)
  • Jeff Wall (Photographer)
  • Rothko (Abstract)
  • Bill Viola (Video)
  • Francis Bacon (Painter)
  • Maya Bloch (Painter)
  • Sally Mann (Photographer)
  • Gustav Klimt (Austrian symbolist)
  • Egon Schiele (figurative)
  • LOUISE BOURGEOISE (installation/sculpture
  • Kusama (crazy dot-lady from mental institute/obsessed with infinite)
  • UGO RONDINONE 'What do you want? 2002' where a funhouse mirror warps all reflections of a self, while on a sound loop a lengthy quarrel enacts between a man and a woman: ‘What do you want?’, ‘What do I want?’, ‘Yes, what do you want?’, ‘I don’t want anything’… (copy out script)

  • ACCA
  • Guilio Paolini - L'altrra Figura
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aug 2 2013 +