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  • lavender
  • the yellow inside of a frangipani (which usually has a few lil bugs sleeping softly)
  • fresh strawberries
  • incense
  • scented candles (once in an aisle of a dollar store, i breathed in a candle which smelt of rainforests)
  • freshly-ground coffee beans
  • the pages of old mildewed books
  • dried mandarin peels
  • lemon rind, lemon juice on the hands
  • something (anything) baking in the oven
  • cumin (sprinkle this spice atop a piece of toast with avocado and fried egg; then drizzle with lemon juice)
  • the sweet yet acrid odour of sweat
  • new carpet - sharp and wet
  • v. smelt of something sweet - vanilla, yet not quite
  • sea spray
  • the earth before and after rain; the morning after a thunderstorm
  • fresh laundry
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