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dec 25 2008 ∞
mar 16 2010 +
user picture Sarah NM: hello, I don't know you. I found your page from clicking 'someone new'. I just stalked your tumblr page. you seem cool, we seem similar. we like similar movies. uhm yeah.. hi. nov 25 2009
user picture k4zzy: Hi. Thanks. You seem cool also. I forgot about my tumblr. I should update it soon. nov 26 2009
user picture Sarah NM: You should. although I'm not sure what the fuck you should do with yourself.
user picture k4zzy: I'll figure it out as I go.
user picture Sarah NM: Where are you going?
user picture k4zzy: Vancouver, in half a year. Then possibly Tokyo three years later.
user picture Sarah NM: Those are some set plans.
user picture Sarah NM: do you have a favorite color. (?) nov 28 2009
user picture k4zzy: Nope. It would be impossible for me to choose. Do you?
user picture Sarah NM: I think so, because there are some that I do not like. Like gray. or brown (on objects other than people or eyeballs). do you have aim? I am weird. Sorry (?)?.
user picture Sarah NM: not canadian? nope. I am canadian. dec 12 2009