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nothing is listed in any particular order, this is just a way for me to keep track of the things i wanna buy for my collection one day!

i'm very passionate about the things i collect so if there are any rambles on my lists, i probably just got carried away

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i mostly collect sonic plushies, any priorities will have a 🌈 next to them!

i can't find alot of information on the korean shadow plush for some reason, but they're apparently really rare and can only be found in korean prize machines, so they're not very accessible in the US. They also have sonic, tails, amy and knuckles in this plush line. They're made of softer material than normal sonic plushies.

The Sa2 plushes are all also extremely ra...

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i'm ngl this one is just here so i have all 4 eva pilots LOL

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I love collecting sonic figures, even if most of my focus sonic wise is on plushies!! Here are some figures that are on my buy list for the future :D these are not grails!


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