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nothing is listed in any particular order, this is just a way for me to keep track of the things i wanna buy for my collection one day!

i'm very passionate about the things i collect so if there are any rambles on my lists, i probably just got carried away

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I love collecting sonic figures, even if most of my focus sonic wise is on plushies!! Here are some figures that are on my buy list for the future :D these are not grails!






When I was younger, I always wanted to collect sonic figures, especially Jazwares and Toy Island branded ones because that was what was in stock when I was a kid. I never could because obviously, I didn't exactly have money when i was a toddler. Now, I still have a big interest in collecting these figures, and my love for Jazwares and Toy Island has never died off. I love how poseable Jazwares is, similar to how i love figmas and nendoroids, and I just think Toy Island figures look really charming, they remind me of the 2000's. Because of this, I prefer to focus on collecting older figures from back then. They're CRAZY expensive now and almost none of them are still in the box, so I can't do it often. This is why I focus more on sonic when it comes to plushies, and more on anime when it comes to figures!

I do collect the newer Jakks figures, even if I like the other brands more. . . Man I wish they had elbow joints.

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