• buy the biggest bag of knock off lucky charms, finish it in a day.
  • people scavenger hunt
  • pick up lines on random people
  • weekly hide & seek
  • $5 squad gift exchange
  • get air with every1
may 18 2015 ∞
may 18 2015 +
  • graduate high school
  • graduate college
  • get married
  • have children
  • be happy
may 18 2015 ∞
may 18 2015 +
  • 9/9/14 - "i don't think you're the problem, i think it's everyone else." (l.c.)
  • 4/29/15 "it's fine // i'm proud of you." (j.l.)
  • 5/9/15 "you feeling ok now??" (j.l.)
  • 5/17/15 -"honestly you are so underrated it makes me so sad. it honestly makes me so sad that people don't love you as much as you deserve." (j.l.) - "you're not trash, you're like good trash. you're the kind of trash that people look at and are like "should i recycle that?"" (j.l.) - "i'm sorry that you're always upset, you don't deserve to be upset" (j.l.)
  • 5/18/15 "ok babe. love you." (b.c.) -"good morning my luv" (j.l.)
  • 5/20/15 "it's okay, in that moment your life was slightly more enjoyable and their lives were slightly more boring." (k.l.v.)
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may 20 2015 +
  • katie
  • jen jen
  • auntie lena
  • pat
  • alexis
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may 18 2015 +
  • 8.17.14 "all this negative shit makes me who i am, but to only focus on the negative shit is to flatten my existence, and to overlook the many other stories that formed me."
  • 8.21.14 "i am completely, irrevocably happy."
  • 9.11.14 "it's 9/11, shouldn't she be a little less terroristic."
  • 9.12.14 i've memorized the color of your eyes along with the width of your hips. i've watched the sun dance on the little blonde hairs at the back of your neck."
  • 9.15.14 "there will always be band practice." - "i never expected myself to be so endlessly fascinated with one single human being. it's like we were both parts of constellations but i am from andromeda and you are from hercules and every night i make a wish on my own falling star hoping that i can be your weakness and somehow you'll unchain me"
may 18 2015 ∞
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