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Big the Turtle

  • The time he ran away and we found him under the radiator
  • The way he'd eat his food, kind of like a dog
  • How when he was little, I used to play with him on the kitchen floor when his tank was being cleaned
  • When I had to give him away.

Chip the Hamster

  • How he died three days after I got him.

Dale the Hamster

  • The time Julie and I gave him a bath in the sink
  • How his butt was always green because he sat under the water thing and his mulch was green.
  • How he was an escape artist and every night he would manage to get out of his cage and run around the house.
  • The time, after he ran away and he couldn't find him, that we had to bring a cat in to try and find him. He was in my mother's china.
  • How as soon as we got him a metal cage, three years after we got him, he died. I guess he needed to feel the free wind in his hair. Or something.
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