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In my life that I Remember:

  • My awesome fuzzy hat (11th grade)
  • My Yo-Yo (11th grade)
  • Pretty black bag (5th grade)
  • 2 awesome water bottles (4th grade, 6th grade)
  • 1 necklace (1st grade)
  • 1 iPod Nano (8th Grade)
  • Gloves in general
  • Socks in general
apr 5 2009 ∞
jun 12 2009 +
user picture Erin: WHAT?! You lost your fuzzy hat?! apr 6 2009
user picture Erin: ps. the number of socks I have lost in the past, like, year is ridiculous
user picture Kaitlyn: Pucking know. FML
user picture Erin: I'm glad you have found your awesome fuzzy hat. jun 14 2009